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Languageveda is one of the best online language learning platforms. With a team of highly skilled teaching professionals, they provide language lessons for all age groups including tutoring services in academic languages.

A mission to enhance students’ learning experiences

Languageveda had a clear vision from the start; to provide seamless language learning experiences to students, leveraging the power of technology. However, translating this vision into reality required overcoming technological barriers and streamlining complex processes that not only hindered their growth, but also led to frustration among prospective students and parents.

Facing challenges such as prolonged student onboarding times, manual administrative tasks, and fragmented student experiences, Languageveda needed a comprehensive solution that would not only enhance student and parent engagement, but also optimize their internal processes.

In 2021, Languageveda forged a partnership with Cloud Odyssey, a full-service Salesforce consultancy, to bring their vision to life. 

Our goal is to provide seamless language learning experiences to students, leveraging the power of technology.


– Languageveda

Transforming students’ learning experiences

To help them streamline their processes and optimise the student experience, Languageveda reached out to Cloud Odyssey. Following an end-to-end consultative approach, Cloud Odyssey worked closely with Languageveda to understand the entire student journey and identify bottlenecks and inefficient processes. Having this understanding, Cloud Odyssey set out to implement a holistic solution for Languageveda.  

They leveraged Salesforce’s Education Cloud for the backend, and Experience Cloud for the frontend, effectively creating a unified ecosystem, tailored to Languageveda’s unique needs. 

Our collaboration with Cloud Odyssey has been instrumental in realizing our vision. The transformation we’ve experienced is remarkable, and it has enabled us to provide an unparalleled learning experience to our students.


– Languageveda
Cloud Odyssey - languageveda benefit

Cloud Odyssey was able to deliver a fully integrated platform, complete with: 

  • Website Enhancement: The online platform underwent a complete revamp, becoming more intuitive and user-friendly. 
  • Mobile Applications: Customized mobile applications were developed for students, parents, and faculty, facilitating communication and access to resources on the go. 
  • Payment Gateway integration: A payment gateway was seamlessly integrated, simplifying financial transactions for students and parents. 
  • Social Media integration: Seamless integration with social media platforms facilitates better engagement and interaction. 
  • Zoom integration: Zoom was integrated with the website and the learning portal to enable live sessions. 
  • Learning Portal with Subdomains: A sophisticated learning portal was introduced with distinct subdomains for students, parents, and faculty, enabling personalized interactions and efficient communication. 


As a result of this collaborative effort, Languageveda is able to harness the power of technology to drive meaningful change, as they continue to expand their offerings and create new avenues for learning: 

  • New student onboarding time was reduced from over three days to less than a minute 
  • 80% of the processes have been automated, streamlining administrative tasks and freeing up valuable resources. 
  • 60% increase in data accuracy.
  • 80% first-call resolution rate, a remarkable improvement from the previous 20%. 

Going Forward

Languageveda and Cloud Odyssey continue their journey to introduce new services, including corporate training programs, further expanding their reach and impact. They are also creating an e-Library, providing a wealth of educational resources to students and educators. 

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