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Salesforce Education Cloud Cloud Odyssey
Salesforce Education Cloud

Future-Proof Learning: Salesforce Education Cloud & The Evolving Education Landscape

The digital revolution has fundamentally changed the way we live, work, and learn. As traditional methods and approaches have now begun to become obsolete in the education sector, these are now being reimagined and enhanced by technology, thus giving rise to a new era of learning
Salesforce Customer 360

Data-Driven Decisions: How Salesforce’s Customer360 Empowers Smarter Business Strategies

Are you harnessing the full power of your data to drive smarter business decisions? In today's fast-paced business environment, business organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on data to drive their decision-making processes

Customer Magic: The Data + AI + CRM Equation

Embracing Einstein's insights, Flow Automation, and Data Cloud Transformation, organizations can unlock the true potential of Customer Magic and thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape

Salesforce Data Cloud Spring ‘24 Release: Unleashing Enterprise Data in Every Salesforce Workflow

The Data Cloud Spring '24 Release represents a significant milestone in Salesforce's journey to unleash the full potential of enterprise data. With features like Data Cloud Related Lists, Data Cloud Triggered Flows, and harmonized data for AI

Einstein for E-commerce: Making Your E-commerce Store Smarter!

Let us explore how Einstein can make your Salesforce store smarter and your business more successful!

Salesforce Automotive Cloud: Features, Benefits and More

Learn about Salesforce Automotive cloud, its benefits, features, data models, and its pricing structure.
How to Generate Commerce Cloud Business Manager Notifications and Push them to Slack Channels - Cloud Odyssey
Salesforce Commerce Cloud

How to Generate Commerce Cloud Business Manager Notifications and Push them to Slack Channels

Learn how to programmatically generate notifications in Commerce Cloud's Business Manager and subsequently push them to Slack channels.
Cloud Odyssey | Embracing the Magic of Lightning Web Runtime LWR Salesforce

Embracing the Magic of Lightning Web Runtime LWR Salesforce

Explore LWR Salesforce, the cutting-edge tech stack for building high-performance & secure enterprise applications in the Salesforce ecosystem.
Cloud Odyssey | The Currency Selector Bridging the Gap

The Currency Selector – Bridging the Gap

Discover the crucial role of currency selection in smooth implementation. Learn to overcome challenges effectively in our in-depth guide
Cloud Odyssey - Salesforce advantage for SMBs - web

12 Advantages of using Salesforce for Small Businesses and Startups

Read about the top 12 advantages for Small Businesses and Startups of deploying and using Salesforce CRM.
Cloud Odyssey | Salesforce Data Entry Source in Journey Builder
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Data Entry Source in Journey Builder

Learn how to enhance customer journeys using Salesforce Data Entry in Journey Builder such as entry sources like form submissions, custom objects, and more.
cloud odyssey - B2B marketing Analytics

Guide to B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA)

Learn about Account Engagement (Pardot) B2B Marketing Analytics. Get a step-by-step guide on how to set up B2B Marketing Analytics. Lets Get started!

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