About KLAY

In the sprawling landscape of education, KLAY has built a reputation of excellence, providing top-tier preschool and daycare services across India. With a commitment to nurturing young minds, KLAY embarked on a journey of transformation, partnering with Cloud Odyssey to harness the power of Salesforce and reshape their future growth.


KLAY’s vision has always been clear: to provide the best educational experience for children while fostering a supportive community for parents. With over 150 centers spread across India, their commitment to excellence has been unwavering. However, as they looked to the future, they recognized the need to modernize their IT infrastructure and processes to support their ambitious expansion goals.

As KLAY aimed to accommodate more young learners and reach more parents, their existing systems began to show signs of strain. They were struggling with manual processes and siloed systems and operations that hindered their ability to scale efficiently and serve their growing student and parent base effectively.


In their quest for a solution that aligned with their vision, KLAY found a partner in Cloud Odyssey, an expert Salesforce consultancy. With a consultative approach Cloud Odyssey set out to help KLAY navigate the path of transformation. Following a discovery phase, Cloud Odyssey aligned Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud with KLAY’s specific requirements to optimize operations and drive growth.

Cloud Odyssey implemented and fully tailored Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud to KLAY’s requirements, delivering a suite of solutions, including: 

Migration to Salesforce Sales Cloud: Cloud Odyssey seamlessly migrated all data from their legacy CRM solution, enabling within Sales Cloud key capabilities and workflows like: 

  • Lead Management  
  • Account and Contact Management  
  • Parent Management  
  • Opportunity & Quote Management 
  • Payment Management  
  • Product Management with multi-currently function 

Marketing Cloud implementation: Cloud Odyssey implemented Marketing Cloud, leveraging the out-of-the-box functionality to enable precision targeting and personalised journeys for KLAY’s main audiences: 

  • Email Studio 
  • Web Studio 
  • Content Builder 
  • Journey Builder  
  • Automation Studio 
  • Mobile Studio  

End-to-end integration: Cloud Odyssey worked with KLAY to identify all key touchpoints and ensure a seamless customer experience: 

  • Social Media (Facebook, Whatsapp) 
  • IVR setup 
  • Payment gateway  
  • Tally