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Fintech Filings Pvt Ltd (formerly known as Global Financial Services) is a leading financial filings and accounting company revolutionizing the way businesses manage their financial processes. With over 23 years of experience and a customer base of over 1500 clients, they have built a reputation as a trusted partner in delivering cutting-edge 360o financial solutions. 

Disconnected customer and employee experiences

Founded in 2000, Fintech Filings has experienced exponential growth, expanding their portfolio with second-to-none finance and accounting services for businesses and freelancers, including direct and indirect taxation, ROC compliance, Banking compliance and Loan portfolio management.

With rapid growth, an expanding portfolio of services, and ever more complex customer demands within the booming Indian financial landscape, Fintech Filings’ commercial teams were finding it increasingly difficult to provide accurate and timely quotes. Information siloed in disparate systems and lack of automation caused lengthy, error prone manual processes hindering their ability to deliver value for their customers.

Fintech Filings set out on a mission to transform their business and the way they engage with customers and, after careful consideration of different options available in the market, they selected Salesforce as their core CRM platform.

“To be able to offer the best service to our customers, we need to consider not only their specific finance and accounting requirements, but also what will work best for their business. With information siloed in different systems, our sales advisors were wasting time manually researching packages, putting together quotes and getting the necessary approvals. We needed to enable them with the right tools so they can work smarter and more efficiently,”
explains Kishore Pissay, Managing Director at Fintech Filings

Salesforce introduced Cloud Odyssey as the partner of choice to implement Sales Cloud and ensure Fintech Filings has a fit-for-purpose solution that would scale together with the business.

With information siloed in different systems, our sales advisors were wasting time manually researching packages, putting together quotes and getting the necessary approvals.


– Kishore Pissay, Managing Director at Fintech Filings

Getting it right the first time

Cloud Odyssey worked closely with Fintech Filings, starting with a discovery session to understand the challenges with their existing systems and processes, and agree on a clear vision. Based on the findings, Cloud Odyssey recommended enabling CPQ features alongside Sales Cloud, to help them automate the opportunity lifecycle and lead-to-cash process, whilst bringing all the information in one place.

The main objective was to provide Fintech Filings the ability to manage the entire customer journey through a single platform, whilst automating as many of the processes as possible.

To achieve this, Cloud Odyssey architected the entire lead-to-cash process in Salesforce using Sales Cloud and CPQ, automating 70% of the steps. They also applied intelligent optimisations to simplify employee and customer experience, like for example:

  • Incorporating an html link to the email notifications so the user can open the respective record directly from the email
  • Replicating the configure-price-quote lifecycle into CPQ so that sales reps can quickly configure subscription packages, pricing, and discounts to generate professional, accurate quotes and invoices with just a few clicks.
  • Automating the subscription renewal process so customers and sales reps are notified ahead of time about the upcoming subscription renewal with options available at the click of a button.
Cloud Odyssey’s team were very experienced, not only in Salesforce but, more importantly, in our industry. They were able to advise us on what good looks like and how to get there so our sales advisors can get it right the first time.


– Kishore Pissay, Managing Director at Fintech Filings

Cloud Odyssey also integrated Sales Cloud with both internal and external applications, including:

  • Form-to-Opportunity
    Fintech Filing’s website was integrated with Salesforce to enable online form submission configured to directly create an Account, Contact and Opportunity within Salesforce, significantly reducing the number of steps sales reps need to take to create an opportunity.
  • Document management
    Fintech Filings were able to consolidate and manage all customer related documents by integrating OneDrive with Salesforce, introducing governance and security policies, whilst saving time and effort through automated Account folder creation and direct access to customer documents (from users with appropriate credentials), all from a single pane of glass.
  • Goods & Services Tax portal
    India’s Goods & Services Tax portal (GST) so that not only sales can quickly and accurately apply the right GST depending on the particulars of each customer, but also generate accurate reports, such as GST returns, tax liability statements, and audit trails, simplifying compliance and record-keeping processes.
  • Payment Gateway
    Cloud Odyssey integrated Salesforce with Fintech Filing’s CashFree Payment Gateway so payment orders can be issued and fulfilled automatically, further accelerating the quote to cash process from hours to just a few seconds.

Thanks to the optimisations introduced with the implementation of Sales Cloud and CPQ, Fintech Filings has now a ‘single source of truth’ across the business.

“With Cloud Odyssey’s help and Salesforce, we reengineered and automated the entire opportunity lifecycle. Sales, finance and processing teams can easily create service bundles and accurate quotes tailored to the specific needs of each customer. This not only accelerates the sales cycle, but helps the team to be more productive and deliver greater value to customers” comments Kishore.


  • 30% increase in opportunities, and visibility of new opportunities
  • Personalised quotes sent to customers in 5 minutes instead of 2 days
  • 30% increase in lead to opportunity conversion
  • 80% reduction in manual processes

Kishore concludes, “By automating manual processes and giving staff the tools they need to perform better, efficiency has increased manifold. Before, it took on average 2 days to get a quote to the customer, by which time 3 out of 10 customers were lost opportunities; today it takes 5 minutes! Cloud Odyssey and Salesforce have been instrumental in helping us envision how we can transform our operation to support the next stage of growth for Fintech Filings and become a future-ready business.”

Going Forward

Cloud Odyssey continues to work closely with the Fintech Filings team, further enhancing how the business engages with its customers. They are currently implementing Experience Cloud to create customer portals so their customers can view their information, updates, account details, billing history etc all in one place.

They are also working on the creation of form submission templates for GST within Salesforce instead of searching for, building and modifying documents across different applications which is resource intensive and may compromise data integrity and security.

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