The digital age has revolutionised how businesses operate, and online purchases have become integral to our lives. From daily groceries to expensive gadgets, almost every item can be purchased online in the most efficient manner.

However, customers often become so involved in the utility of your product that they don’t think about what goes on “behind the scenes.”

These activities going on behind the scenes give rise to order management. To streamline these processes, the organisation has developed a new process. Businesses implement robust order management software.

This blog will discuss the importance of order management software and how the Salesforce order management system helps you enhance your processes.

What is order management software?

Order management software is a software solution dedicated to streamlining all the processes related to purchase fulfilment once an order is placed. In simple words, it is a software solution that enhances an order’s journey from the moment it is placed until it is delivered to the end user. Some order management software solutions also allow businesses to provide support after the orders have been fulfilled. 

Process automation plays a crucial role in order management software. Once an order is placed and relevant details are entered, the system triggers an automated workflow that manages the order until it is delivered to the concerned customer. This increases the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of the supply chain followed by businesses to ensure that the right products are delivered to the right customers.

One of the most significant benefits of order management software is that it relieves your team members from manually performing tedious and repetitive tasks. At every stage of an order’s journey, robust order management systems like the one Salesforce provides enable seamless automation.

What is the Salesforce Order Management system?

Salesforce order management system (OMS) is the order management software built on the CRM platform of Salesforce. An integral part of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce OMS is an application that helps businesses fulfil, manage, and service orders at scale. It allows you to use your CRM data to analyse your customer records and provide personalised services to your customers.

Salesforce OMS is the order management software of choice for eCommerce businesses of all sizes because it offers a variety of useful features that can increase sales, help you gain traction, and produce a higher return on investment (ROI) so you can succeed in the market.

How does Salesforce OMS provide an unmatched shopping experience for your customers?

Salesforce OMS keeps your customers at the centre of its functionality and helps you optimise your storefront to provide them with the best shopping experience.

Here are some of the key order management software benefits offered by Salesforce OMS that help you provide an unmatched shopping experience to your customers.

Omni-channel fulfilment journeys

Salesforce OMS helps you fulfil orders from multiple channels using a centralised platform. Irrespective of the number of storefronts you manage and the platforms they run on (websites, mobile applications, on-premise stores, etc.), Salesforce OMS gives you a single, unified platform to comprehensively view all fulfilment journeys.

This allows you and your team to view your inventory through a single source of truth across multiple orders and platforms. With an omnichannel approach to order management, you ensure a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Personalisation of storefronts

As this order management software is built on the CRM platform of Salesforce, it allows you to personalise your storefronts. This helps you provide a unique shopping experience for every buyer or prospect visiting your storefronts.

The software takes note of the data stored within your CRM, such as purchase histories, search histories, wish lists, items viewed, etc. This data is used to personalise how your storefronts look to different visitors. For example, if a customer does searches related to shoes or has already purchased shoes from your store, you can show them new offers on shoes and new pairs of shoes entering your stock as they visit your storefront.

This makes your customers feel special. For customers shopping online, this would act like a virtual store assistant, guiding them as per their choices and preferences.

Seamless returns, refunds, and exchanges

Reliable order management software needs to provide seamless post-sale services as well. Once your customers have received their orders, Salesforce OMS helps you make arrangements for smooth returns, refunds, and exchanges. You can also provide your customers with the option of cancelling their orders before they have received the products.

With Salesforce OMS, you can allow your customers to track their returns and refunds in real time. The order management software also helps you set triggers for sending notifications and updates to your customers on multiple platforms.

Collaboration with sales and marketing

To provide a wholesome buying experience to your customers and obtain a 360-degree view of them, Salesforce OMS facilitates the seamless collaboration of your storefronts with your sales and marketing teams.

As a CRM platform, Salesforce provides you with robust sales and marketing tools that help you with lead management, generating reports and sales forecasts, and creating targeted marketing campaigns. By collaborating these tools with your order management software, you can optimise your customer records and obtain a unified view of your customer database across multiple departments.

Self-service abilities 

Salesforce OMS provides your customers with self-service abilities that allow them to assume greater control over their orders. These abilities help your customers track the live status of their orders, initiate returns, know the estimated arrival time, or seek experience from your support agents on a centralised platform. This helps you garner the trust of your customers.

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