Online businesses worldwide have started making plans to grow and thrive during the next year. With competition increasing across the board, a key item on everyone’s agenda is to create their own unique identity. Cutthroat competition in all major industries has pushed businesses to do their best to stand out from the clutter.

Talking about competition, almost every online seller is neck-deep with competitors! As more and more customers choose to make online purchases without physically visiting stores, merchants of all sizes are setting up online storefronts to cater to their needs.

If you are an online seller aiming to optimise your processes, Salesforce provides you with its own advanced order management system.

What is Salesforce Order Management system?

Salesforce Order Management System (OMS) is a rather new Salesforce offering that automates the entire order management process from the moment an order is placed until it is delivered. 

Salesforce OMS combines multiple elements, such as fulfilment, commerce, and customer support, to provide a holistic shopping experience for your customers. From personalised recommendations to real-time order updates, the new Salesforce offering helps you stay with your customers at every stage of their buying journeys. Hassle-free shopping experiences and personalised support help you build strong customer relations. 

What does Salesforce OMS do for your eCommerce venture?

Gone are the days when eCommerce customers were happy with two-day deliveries and fee-free returns. Customers today demand highly personalised services that are tailored according to their needs. To succeed in the eCommerce industry, it is important to design your services in a way that each customer feels they are designed just for them. 

This makes the time between order placement and delivery critical for online sellers. Salesforce OMS helps you optimise this time with fully automated and personalised order management. It helps you let your customers know when their orders are shipped, where they are shipped from, and where they have reached any point.

With the Salesforce order management system, your customers can rest assured that they have all the necessary information about their orders until they have received them at their doorsteps. Even after the orders are received, the Salesforce product helps your customers stay in touch with you regarding returns, refunds, and feedback.

How does Salesforce OMS keep you ahead of your competitors?

A centralised Order Management system

Earlier, online sellers used to implement multiple software solutions and order management systems to provide different services to their customers. This resulted in data siloes, delayed services, and expensive procedures. Salesforce OMS eliminates these issues by providing you with a centralised platform that handles multiple order management aspects. 

From live tracking and real-time notifications to personalised delivery updates throughout the order’s journey, Salesforce OMS prevents you from switching to any other platform to build wholesome customer buying journeys. 

Real-time inventory status

Along with improving your customers’ shopping experiences, Salesforce Lightning OMS also helps you keep real-time track of your inventory. With every order placed, you can check the stock availability for all your products. This keeps you informed about your inventory at all times, avoiding issues like scarcity or overstocking of goods. 

This also helps you maintain healthy customer relationships, as they will no longer have to wait for their favourite products to be back in stock.

Order lifecycle management

Order lifecycle management is an integral feature of Salesforce OMS. Every order has a lifecycle that starts when it is placed and ends when it is delivered successfully. Salesforce’s eCommerce solution lets you fulfil and process orders depending on factors like product type, fulfilment location, shipping carrier, partial shipment, and more.

Salesforce personalises and automates order lifecycle management to ensure that the order reaches the right customer correctly. It also helps you identify issues at any stage of the order lifecycle and remediate them the right way.

Seamless customer service

Another highlight of Salesforce OMS is that it provides you with an unmatched connection between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud. At every stage of the order lifecycle, the platform allows you to handle customer cases by understanding the problem’s context and providing satisfactory solutions for the same. 

Salesforce OMS ensures that your customers do not have to wait for their answers by letting you route the right case to the right agent. You can also combine manual support with chatbots to automate the resolution of basic queries. 

With the order management system, your customers can get all their questions regarding their order status, refunds, returns, etc. answered. Seamless knowledge management also provides your agents with all important case details, helping them provide quick and effective solutions.

Visual order workflows

Salesforce OMS provides you with interactive, drag-and-drop visual order workflows to enhance processes like customer service, shipping, payments, financial systems, etc. With a “clicks, not nodes” approach, the visual workflows use branching logic, data updates, iteration loops, and external system call-outs to deliver hassle-free shopping experiences to your customers.

Powerful integrations

While the functionality of Salesforce OMS is wholesome and complete in itself, you can expand the same by integrating it with suitable third-party apps and services. Powerful third-party integrations help your internal team and your customers use an ideal combination of features across multiple solutions. For example, you can integrate your OMS with the right payment gateway(s) to handle your payments better.

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