Struggling to promote API products and accelerate productivity across your ecosystem? If the answer is a resounding yes, then we have the perfect solution for you.  Let us introduce the MuleSoft API Community Manager, which will solve all your digital experience issues.

Why do businesses need an API community manager?

To expand your business, you need a digital platform that will onboard partners, developers, and customers in one place. MuleSoft’s API Community Manager will help you seamlessly engage, collaborate, and enhance the overall experience with all your key audiences.

Some of the most innovative features of API community manager

To increase engagement across your organisation, API Community Manager makes use of the following features:

1. Customization: With the help of MuleSoft’s Community Manager, tailored customer branding can be designed. The greatest use of a tailored solution is the fact that you have spent time realising the needs of partners, developers, and customers. And when they see this happen in reality, they are extremely pleased about it.

2. Portals created in minutes: Once you use any point community manager platform, you can create API-based blogs, news, or events. The portals take only a minute to be created. You don’t need to take the help of any technical specialist to create the portal for you. No coding knowledge will be required. Reconfigure and reuse your existing elements to develop a complete, out-of-the-box experience for your target audience

3. Permission control: Once the portal has been created, you will have the choice to provide access as you please. There might be a portal that you want to share with your core team members, and there might be portals that want to prevent access to the MuleSoft-designed API community manager. 

4. The power to create different communities: As a business owner, you want certain product information to be shared with the marketing community and the rest with the developer community. You can do that with the help of MuleSoft’s API community manager.

There are no errors in the documentation. Your company may change rules and regulations from time to time. These changes need to be addressed with immediate effect, or else you can face some financial losses. The API community manager would automatically create changes to the document as your company policy changes. The process is completely automated.

Always with the customer: Chats and ad campaigns can be formulated by analysing customer behaviour. So, engagement is always 10x.

Measured: Anything that can be measured can be improved. This is exactly what the API community manager does. It tracks your organisational ecosystem to provide you with business insights that would help you boost your business community.

A component that you should be aware of is the API community manager

The most important component of any point community manager is the administrator component. It provides you with the following benefits:

1. Easy management of APIs: When this component is used, you will have the power to pull any application from any point exchange and set its icon and visibility.

2. Managing roles: This feature will help you manage international collaborators with your internal partners.  You can design their roles and give them permission based on them.

3. CMS content: This feature will let you arrange all your content on one platform. All your blogs, press releases, and articles will be there in one place.

4. Dashboard management: keyword performance indicators are crucial in knowing the progress of a particular organisation. This feature will track that.

5. Asset manager: For a website to have a good UI experience, page structure, themes, and components need to be set and organised. This feature accomplishes this. 

API in Salesforce

Any point community manager can be incorporated into the Salesforce that runs the Lightning version. Once your Lightning components get linked with the API community, you will have the option to change the description and the names of the icons.

Once integrated with Salesforce, you will have an option known as the ACM search box. This search lets you find any information in Salesforce or in the API community. Finding client applications, events, and support cases has never been so easy.

So, if you want your user to do a particular product on your website, make sure that you include the search page URL within the API component. If there is no component involved, your customers would be unable to find the product they are looking for.

Now, if you want your customers to find the exact same product and not products that are related to it, then you have to consider using advanced links and enabling them. This would provide exact search results to your customers.

API requester

API requesters are used when there is an application that is still developing.  So as a business owner, if you request an application to show its description and icon, make sure you specify the grant type. Not being able to provide the grant type for an existing application will show an error.

Final thoughts

You should really start using any point community manager if you want software that has a centralised unit.  The beauty of the interface is that it brings developers, customers, and the community together in one place. You will have the power to grant permission to a set of individuals you choose and create a rich customer experience.

If you want custom designs on your website, you can do that with your own knowledge, as no coding is required. Also, managing a website that will update its content from time to time is challenging; with an API community manager, there is no such thing. All the blogs, news articles, and podcasts that are available on your website will be in one place, and it will notify you to update your content quality to stay ranked on Google.