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Whether you are new to MuleSoft, or you haven’t realised the value of your current implementation, our MuleSoft certified consultants will provide you with a fully scoped, results-driven solution.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform is the leading single solution for developing, deploying, securing, and managing your APIs and integrations.

At Cloud Odyssey we champion a culture of seamless integration, aligning IT efforts to business objectives and translating business requirements into scalable, automated solutions.

With our help, our customers benefit from an innovative, integrated digital landscape, become more agile, and transform their business to deliver competitive advantage.

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Create connected ecosystems

Our experts will create a seamlessly connected ecosystem with MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, to unify your customer view and provide a single source of truth across your organisation.

Speed up delivery and time-to-value

Our Integration Development Lifecycle model ensures that the architecture and code are fit for purpose, and that best practices are adhered to, whilst accelerating delivery and time-to-value for your projects.

Increase ROI

Whether you need to integrate your existing systems and data sources, or you have not realised the value of your current integration platform, we have the skills and resources to support you.

Future-proof your investment

We build with reusability and scalability in mind to ensure the current and future needs of your business are met in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Our approach to MuleSoft integration

We approach each project with a standardised Integration Development Life Cycle process, to ensure that everything we deliver for our customers is based on strong foundations.


We’ll provide you with expert guidance and strategic advice to help you understand how MuleSoft can align with your specific business objectives and to ensure a successful integration with long-term benefits.

Platform Management

Depending on the chosen strategy (Cloud, On Premise or Hybrid) our MuleSoft experts will set up Anypoint Platform and configure the necessary API policies following best practice and governance throughout.

API Development

We’ll design, build and test your APIs to enable seamless connectivity across systems, applications, and data sources. We develop APIs with reusability and scalability in mind, minimizing complexity and enhancing efficiency as you grow.

Core Optimization

Our consultants will help you to finetune and optimise your existing MuleSoft implementation to enhance data flow, reduce latency, and increase overall system productivity.

API Monitoring & Support

We’ll help you to ensure the reliability and availability of APIs through real-time performance monitoring, reporting and operational support, to prevent disruptions and downtime.

Partner Management

Our experts will work with you to establish your integration needs with third-party systems, and design secure APIs with the required access controls, so you can seamlessly engage with your partners without risking the integrity of your data.

MuleSoft RPA

MuleSoft Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables you to automate business processes and tasks by using bots, which helps save time and prevent introducing human errors.

Cloud Odyssey is one of the few MuleSoft partners with proven expertise and capabilities to help businesses leverage RPA to automate repetitive processes and improve operational efficiency.

Partnering with us means you can confidently navigate the world of MuleSoft RPA, realizing enhanced efficiency, productivity, and ROI while focusing on your core business objectives.

Enhanced Efficiency

By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you can significantly improve operational efficiency, allowing your employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities.

Error Reduction

RPA eliminates the risk of human errors, leading to greater accuracy in data processing, reduced compliance issues, and improved customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

By reducing manual labour and improving resource allocation, you can reduce operational costs and enjoy a healthier bottom line.


We implement MuleSoft RPA with scalability in mind, so you can future-proof your operations and be ready to adapt to changing demands without significant disruptions.

Our Mulesoft
RPA Services

Our dedicated team of RPA experts will help you to implement and adopt RPA programmes, to achieve the best process efficiency in the shortest time frame.

RPA Strategy and Consultation

We begin every engagement by collaborating closely with you to understand your business needs and processes. We’ll then draft a comprehensive RPA strategy tailored to optimize efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experiences, for your business

RPA Implementation

Leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies, our experts will implement MuleSoft RPA across business functions, integrating seamlessly with your organisation’s business-critical systems and applications. This level of automation helps eliminate errors, increase productivity, and accelerate processes.

Customized RPA Development

We’ll develop custom bots to perform a wide range of previously identified tasks, including data entry and validation and customer onboarding and support. These bots can be configured to work in harmony with Salesforce CRM, ensuring a unified and efficient system.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Our support team will monitor the performance of your RPA ecosystem and your bots, and make necessary adjustments to maximize their effectiveness and ensure sustained benefits and a continuously optimized automation environment.

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