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Breaking News: Salesforce Einstein GPT Officially Announced

On February 8, 2023, Marc Benioff and Salesforce made a Twitter announcement about the teaser, giving a few cryptic hints about what to expect. Now that the official announcement has been made, the mystery surrounding Einstein GPT is slowly being cleared up.

Salesforce, the leading provider of CRM software worldwide, announced Einstein GPT, the first generative AI for CRM. This ground-breaking technology aids businesses of all sizes in automating procedures, boosting productivity, enhancing customer service, and much more.

By fusing NLP and machine learning, Einstein GPT can assist businesses in better understanding their clients, increasing sales, and improving marketing.

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In this article, we will explore what Einstein GPT is, how it works, and the features and benefits, with an example that can help small companies and large enterprises that use Salesforce worldwide.

What is Einstein GPT?

Einstein GPT is a powerful AI tool from Salesforce that combines public and private AI models with CRM data. It allows users to ask natural-language prompts directly within Salesforce CRM to generate AI-generated content that is continuously adapted to changing customer information and needs.

Einstein GPT is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, but it also incorporates Salesforce’s proprietary AI models and real-time data from the Salesforce Data Cloud. This allows Einstein GPT to generate content that is specifically tailored to the needs of Salesforce customers.

The model can produce excellent text responses to any particular prompt since it has already been pre-trained on a large corpus of text data. It has been shown to perform well in a range of tasks, including text completion, translation, and question-answering. For companies and organisations in need of sophisticated language processing capabilities, Einstein GPT is a vital tool since it has the potential to dramatically increase the effectiveness and accuracy of NLP jobs.

Public and private AI Models in Einstein GPT for Natural -Language prompts in Salesforce CRM

For users to be able to ask natural-language prompts (i.e., conversational questions) within Salesforce CRM, Einstein GPT combines public and private AI models with CRM data. 

In what way? Users save a ton of time thanks to the AI-generated content that constantly adjusts to new data and preferences. To clarify, what do we mean when discussing “public” and “private” AI models?

Infusing the Principles of Einstein’s GPT

Salesforce’s private AI models In other words, customers use features from the Einstein technology layer to access Salesforce’s proprietary AI models.

They are combining OpenAI’s ChatGPT. When you use OpenAI’s ChatGPT together, companies now have access to OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, which is used in large enterprises, thanks to an integration between Salesforce and OpenAI.

Bring your own model. Aim for realism, but bring your own model. You can use Einstein GPT in conjunction with your own external model(s) if you like, as it is open and extensible.

A company’s customer data is being fed into different models in real-time from Salesforce “clouds” and the Salesforce Data Cloud (Genie) to be ingested, harmonised, and unified.

Salesforce Einstein GPT features

More than 200 billion AI-powered predictions are delivered every day throughout Customer 360, and Einstein GPT is the next generation of Salesforce’s Einstein artificial intelligence technology.

Einstein GPT for service

In order to boost customer satisfaction through personalisation, it will automatically generate customised agent chat replies and knowledge articles from past cases. During case closure, a summary will also be produced.


Assume a consumer contacts a company to inquire about their order status.

The company can utilise natural language processing with Einstein GPT. To understand the customer’s request, whether expressed distinctively or unconventionally.

Einstein GPT can analyse the customer’s order information and respond in real-time, such as the projected delivery date and time. If the customer has further questions, Einstein GPT can continue providing additional information or, if necessary, escalate the inquiry to a human agent.

Furthermore, Einstein GPT can analyse a customer’s sentiment towards a company based on their engagement and provide insights to the service staff.

If a customer exhibits dissatisfaction, Einstein GPT can detect the emotion and tell the service staff to fix the issue as soon as possible. You can also close the case once the problem has been resolved. Einstein GPT provides a natural language summary automatically. You don’t have to waste time documenting the conversation. Here, generative AI does all of the work for you. We can even transform that summary into a knowledge article and share it with the entire team.

Einstein GPT for sales

Einstein GPT will automatically generate tasks like scheduling meetings, email writing, and conversational preparation for sales.


A salesperson contacts a prospective client who has shown interest in the company’s products. The agent can instantly obtain customer data and customise their sales strategy.

Einstein GPT can examine a customer’s past behaviour and preferences on the company’s website or social media pages. With the help of this data, Einstein GPT can suggest relevant products or services that the consumer is likely to be interested in. Furthermore, Einstein GPT may generate customised product suggestions based on the customer’s preferences and usage patterns. 

For instance, if a customer has demonstrated interest in a particular product category, Einstein GPT can suggest related items that the customer would find interesting. Moreover, Einstein GPT can offer current insights into consumer behaviour and spending patterns.

For instance, Einstein GPT can alert the sales representative to follow up with the customer and provide additional information or assistance if the customer displays greater-than-average interest in a certain product or service.

Einstein GPT for marketing

You may create unique content for email, mobile, web, and advertising using a data-driven personalisation engine, which will draw in and keep customers.


Assume a marketing team wants to start a new advertising campaign to promote a new product. The team may use Einstein GPT to evaluate consumer data to create tailored, targeted advertising that will likely resonate with their targeted demographic. Einstein GPT may assess client preferences and behaviour, such as search and buy history, to produce personalised product suggestions for each customer. Based on this data, Einstein GPT can recommend relevant products or services that are likely to be of interest to each consumer.

Einstein GPT may also assess customers’ attitudes towards the company, its products, and services based on their social media activity or interaction with the company’s website or email advertising. This enables the marketing team to identify potential brand champions and detractors and modify their messaging accordingly.

Finally, Einstein GPT will give real-time insights regarding marketing campaign effectiveness, such as which ads generate the most clicks or conversions. This enables the marketing team to make real-time campaign changes and improve results.

Einstein GPT for developers

Leveraging an AI chat assistant to generate code and pose questions for languages like Apex will increase developer productivity with Salesforce Research’s proprietary large language model.


Let’s say a developer is using the Salesforce platform to build a new app.

The developer can use Einstein GPT to make the app more intuitive and easy to use.

  • Allows the developer to improve the way the application looks to the user.
  • Help developers quickly find mistakes in code and fix them.
  • By looking at user feedback and system logs, Einstein GPT can come up with possible fixes or workarounds for common problems.
  • Help developers make their code faster and able to handle more users.
  • Find parts of the application that might be slowing down performance and suggest ways to fix them by looking at system metrics and usage patterns.

Finally, Einstein GPT can show developers how the system is used and how users act in real time. Einstein GPT can suggest improvements or new features that might make the user experience better as a whole by looking at usage trends and customer feedback.

Learn more about Einstein GPT for developers.

Einstein GPT for Slack

In Slack, Einstein GPT will provide AI-powered customer insights like intelligent summaries of sales possibilities and highlight end-user behaviours like upgrading knowledge articles.


Let’s say a team uses Slack to discuss and work together on a project. 

The team can use Einstein GPT to make their Slack conversations more productive and efficient.

  • You can read team chats and make real-time suggestions about how to solve problems or answer questions. 
  • This makes the team more productive by making it easier for them to talk to each other.
  • Help team members quickly find important information or files within Slack chats. 
  • The user possibly matches or searches results by looking at the text of messages and the files’ metadata.
  • It helps team members manage their tasks and schedules better. 
  • It sends reminders or suggestions for upcoming tasks or events by looking at the content of messages and how people use them.

Finally, Einstein GPT can give real-time information about how a team works together and makes things. Einstein GPT can suggest changes or best practises to improve the team’s overall performance by looking at how it is used and how the group acts.

Key takeaway

  • On the Salesforce platform, Einstein GPT, the first generative AI for CRM, was developed.
  • It analyses client data using machine learning and natural language processing to produce insights that improve business outcomes.

Einstein GPT for Service

  • Customer service teams can use Einstein GPT for Service to give more individualised and effective support.
  • It can review consumer questions, make recommendations, and offer current information on the attitudes and behaviours of customers.
  • The efficiency of service teams also increases as a result of improving client happiness and loyalty.

Einstein GPT for Sales

  • The personalised recommendations and insights offered by Einstein GPT for Sales enable sales teams to close deals more successfully.
  • It can examine consumer preferences and behaviour, provide suggestions for pertinent goods or services, and offer real-time information on sales activity.
  • This results from increased sales productivity, improved revenue growth, and higher conversion rates.

Einstein GPT for Marketing

  • Marketing teams may use Einstein GPT for marketing to better understand their target market, customise their messaging, and tailor their campaigns for maximum effect and return on investment.
  • It can analyse consumer journeys and behaviours, spot trends, and produce real-time insights into marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • Customers are more engaged, conversion rates are higher, and revenue growth is better.

Einstein GPT for Developers

  • Intuitive, user-friendly applications optimised for performance, scalability, and customer satisfaction can be created with Einstein GPT for Developers.
  • It can assess user comments and system logs, recommend fixes or workarounds for frequent problems, and offer real-time insights into system usage and behaviour.
  • As a result, developers can work more productively and efficiently, which benefits both them and their clients.

Einstein GPT for Slack

  • Teams may increase their productivity and outcomes in Slack with the aid of Einstein GPT for Slack, enabling more effective communication and efficient teamwork.
  • It can evaluate team discussions, provide solutions or search results recommendations, send out alerts or ideas for forthcoming events or tasks, and offer real-time insights about team behaviour and productivity.
  • Better task and schedule management, enhanced communication, and improved cooperation result in better business outcomes.

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