Customers today are rapidly becoming tech-savvy and have higher expectations from the brands they buy from, both online and offline. While businesses have found new ways to revamp their digital strategies to fulfil customer expectations and meet their demands, organisations are onboarding new tools and platforms to restructure operations. They are now looking for the right solutions to enhance customer experiences through new and improved digital tools. This is where Salesforce’s Genie comes into play.

What is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce Genie is one of the new tools rolled out by Salesforce that adds magic to how your brand interacts with your customers. Real-time data updates enable your business to meet customer demands and expectations like never before.

For instance, have you ever called customer support and had to walk them through your purchase history for a minor customer support issue? Or, have you ever visited an eCommerce website where you lost the favourite pair of shoes you’d found earlier and could not find them when you were looking to order them? These scenarios are often familiar to many of us. Your customers are also expecting easy resolutions to such issues, and if you can offer them exactly this, you’ve got a loyal customer for life.

In addition, think about all the wealth of customer data available in the market; research suggests that it doubles every 12 hours. Isn’t it perfect to find a tool that can track this volume of data and help you derive insights in real-time? Salesforce Genie does just that for you. It makes it easier for businesses to decode and make sense of all their data from all systems, channels, or data streams. It also integrates data from each step in the customer’s experience into a unified customer profile record, helping create one single view of the customer. Additionally, these real-time customer profiles can be used to instantly create a high level of personalisation, which adds a human touch to automated digital experiences.

What business benefits does Salesforce Genie offer?

Salesforce Genie was introduced to the market to simplify and catalyse the process of data collection and storage. However, Salesforce Genie takes another step by going beyond merely collecting customer information and also helping personalise experiences like never before. Some benefits are discussed below:

#1 Real-time data collection

The real-time data collection feature helps your teams gather customer data across multiple touchpoints and create highly personalised experiences with minimum delay.

What sets Salesforce Genie apart from its competitors is that, unlike other applications, it stores and collects data in real-time faster than ever.

#2 Elevate customer experiences

Salesforce Genie rapidly notifies you to resolve customer experience issues related to products instantly. Until the issue is resolved, it pauses all sales and marketing interactions. This technique aims for quick and instant resolution of customer issues, which helps in fast and instantaneous customer service and experience.

#3 Higher data security

One of the goals of Salesforce Genie is to increase the data and privacy ethics of the industry through policy automation, consent management, and more. It has been created as an amalgamation of the Office of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology, meant for the best privacy and data ethics practises.

How can Cloud Odyssey be your helping hand?

Most businesses pick the right digital solutions like Salesforce Genie but struggle with optimising the features and deriving the maximum output. It has the capability of revolutionising data processes and customising the experience of customers. In this revolutionary process, the experts at Cloud Odyssey can help you at every step, from the setup to the development of this platform. Salesforce Genie can solve all your problems with gathering data and assist you in making it convenient for your customers to solve any of their issues while improving the overall customer experience. 

We at Cloud Odyssey understand the process and the need to optimise a relevant eCommerce solution and assist you in creating top-class digital experiences. We offer you Salesforce Genie and a plethora of its features and integrations to better develop your desired digital expertise to help you expand your audiences and boost ROI. With this, we give you the opportunity to explore and customise your digital marketplace with easy-to-use features and effectively enhance the customer experience. 

For more information on building better customer experiences, get in touch with our team at Cloud Odyssey!

Quick Summary

Salesforce Genie is an artificial intelligence that adds magic to customer experiences and helps collect real-time data through its Higher Data Security tool. It helps companies be more attuned to their customers and prospects with similar concerns about their business. The Salesforce Genie creates an environment through customer data and stores products, customising itself for easy use for you as a business owner. The more your AI Genie learns about your customers, the easier it is to escalate their concerns to the correct salesperson or customer service rep. This can ultimately save you both time and money because you won’t have to waste time marketing your products or services to prospects that don’t need them.


What is customer360?

Customer360 is a new way to market, sell, deliver, and service customers. It’s built on the Salesforce Platform and combines the data, insights, and tools you need to engage customers throughout their journey in one beautiful, consumer-like experience.

What is the Salesforce Customer 360 platform?

The Salesforce Customer 360 platform is an integrated CRM solution for businesses of all sizes. It serves as a foundation for effective lead management, streamlined sales and service processes, higher productivity, and data-driven insights.

What is the Salesforce CDP?

Salesforce Customer Data Platform is a cloud data warehouse that allows you to combine your customer, product, and transactional data. It’s built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform and has a rich set of APIs that you can use to create your custom applications.

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