Salesforce has accomplished many achievements so far in the service industry. However, it wouldn’t be fair to compare their success with that of any other competitors or the kind of service they provide.

The Salesforce API offers write access to the resources that every developer can use to make impeccable commerce experiences. You will be able to enjoy the full capabilities of the APIs and SDKs on SFCC.

The Cloud Odyssey platform will provide you with the path to develop many commerce services that include the following

  • API gateway for multiple support for tenants
  • In-built logging and monitoring.
  • In-built metering
  • eCDN layers for all the APIs
  • Hassle-free development for any use, starting from shopping to administration

As Cloud Odyssey adds new capabilities and capacities to the platforms, these capabilities are exposed to the APIs. Overall, they will help in building APIs with faith in mind. The entire commerce system is available to you to safeguard the users’ data and be wholly compliant with the required regulations.

The Cloud Odyssey API can be categorised into two sections

  • Shopper API: it targets the behaviours of the shoppers. Guests and users can access these APIs and authenticate themselves using the system. These APIs are designed for usage within the store. They are mainly designed to accept orders and store the baskets when necessary.
  • Rest APIs: Rest APIs provide protection and accessibility to all the “top priority” users who can access the system as System Managers or Account Managers. Many merchandisers, support agents, operators, and managers can gain access to these APIs.

Getting started with Rest APIs and SDKs

Accessing the platform and understanding the services provided

The first step is to access the Cloud Odyssey website and understand its services. The platform helps firms perform all the business-all-usuals efficiently in the customer services field. They offer affordable services and ensure that they cater to all your needs and expectations by leveraging the best tools like Force, Developer Console, and many more.

Cloud Odyssey helps you make your business versatile. They help deploy the right tools into your system and automate the whole process. You can also customise as per your needs and start the integration process. Once the migration is completed, you can improve the efficiency of your business and provide the best services to your clients.

Discovering Salesforce solutions with Cloud Odyssey

The platform provides the right technical skills that you can use to solve complex problems easily. With Cloud Odyssey, you can expect the following services:

Strategic consultation

The platform provides strategic consultations to help you get the required results by leveraging top-quality innovation tools. The experienced professionals have the right technical knowledge to cater to your requirements and expectations. Moreover, once the solutions are implemented into the framework, they provide adequate training to the end-users.

Implementing SDKs and Rest APIs into the framework

With Cloud Odyssey, you can expect an optimised approach to implementing SDKs and Rest APIs into the system. The professionals start the work by understanding the current system workflow that your business has and then work towards improving it. These products are specifically designed to meet all the company’s goals.

Marketing cloud, sales cloud, and other cloud services are offered to ensure that the companies reach their target within the stipulated timeline. In addition, they will also address the current system flaws and ensure top-notch quality service when implementing SDKs and Rest APIs.

Maintenance and support

Once the software is implemented on the system, experienced professionals ensure that you are aware of how to maintain it. With this type of solution, there are hardly any chances of reported bugs and errors entering the framework. In addition, Cloud Odyssey ensures adequate maintenance support throughout by providing 24×7 customer support services. The services include data management, bug fixes, app maintenance, etc.


How do I use the Rest APIs and SDKs with the commerce instances?

Developers who access the API references can start using the API against their commerce instances. This includes the production of the APIs for staging and sandboxes. Moreover, they can also add admin managers to review the API references.

How does the data migration of APIs and SDKs in Odyssey work?

The data migration works in the following ways

  • The first step is to determine the critical data that requires migration to ensure a successful data transition. The structured approach it takes includes prioritising the data first.
  • When you migrate the data, you must understand how you will map the APIs and SDKs to gather the data. Our experts do this by fitting the existing data to the new system. 
  • The migration process starts by ensuring proper backups and security activities. This is to ensure that your business data is properly protected during migration.
  • Once the data processing commences, the platform ensures a data quality assessment. So, it gives proper attention to the data quality.
  • When the selection of tools plays a crucial role in migration, Cloud Odyssey experts ensure that the correct tools are used to migrate the data and maintain its desired quality.
  • The experts ensure to validate the data once the data migration is completed. 

What’s the cost to implement Rest APIs and SDKs in the system?

The cost of implementing the rest of the APIs and SDKs into the system is minimal. You can reach out to Cloud Odyssey experts to understand how much it will cost you. You can also book appointments on their official website. The experts will reach out to you as per the date and time you have provided.

Are SDKs available online?

Yes, Cloud Odyssey provides SDKs to shoppers and developers once they ask for them. They can access the endpoints that are provided to the concerned admins.

What is the main difference between APIs and SDKs?

APIs allow the software to communicate with other software and collect efficient data that helps your business grow. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and memory spaces. SDK provides tools, procedures, and tutorials to create apps on a given platform. It’s a complete workshop that facilitates the creation of software solutions that offer what APIs don’t.

You can visit the Cloud Odyssey professionals to understand their basic differences and choose solutions that efficiently fit your businesses.