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With a breadth of knowledge in Salesforce, industry experience and strategic insight, our Salesforce Consultants design solutions to solve your most complex business challenges.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you sell smarter, faster and more efficiently by providing everything your sales teams need on one place.

Our Sales Cloud experts will help refine and automate your sales process, enabling your sales team with the tools they need to be effective while giving managers the insights they need to improve performance.

Cloud Odyssey - Salesforce Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud Implementation and Configuration

From configuring standard and custom objects to setting up sales pipelines, we’ll set up Salesforce Sales Cloud to align with your specific sales processes and business needs.

Data Migration and Integration

We’ll migrate your existing sales data and integrate Sales Cloud with other business-critical systems and applications, to ensure seamless data flow across your organization.

Custom Development

One size doesn’t always fit all. Where necessary we’ll develop custom solutions and/or implement 3rd party applications, to ensure perfect fit and end-to-end optimisation.

Enablement and Support

We’ll ensure your sales team is enabled to use Sales Cloud in their day-to-day work. We’ll also provide ongoing support, troubleshooting assistance, and best practices guidance to help your organization make the most of Sales Cloud's capabilities.

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Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud is designed specifically to optimise customer service, enabling users to automate service processes, streamline workflows and find key articles, topics and experts to deliver exceptional customer support.

We empower your team to provide outstanding customer service across all channels, driving customer loyalty at scale.

Service Cloud Implementation and Customization

We’ll set up and tailor Service Cloud to match your specific customer service processes, streamline support workflows and ensure efficient case resolution.


We’ll integrate Service Cloud with other business-critical systems and applications, to enable a 360-degree view of customer interactions and provide agents with the information they need to deliver exceptional service.

Multi-channel Support

We’ll help you create an omnichannel experience for your customers, allowing them to engage with your customer service from their preferred channel (including email, chat, social media, phone and AI-powered self-service options).

Self-service portals

We’ll help you create and optimize a knowledge base within Service Cloud to support self-service portals for both customers and employees, allowing them to find answers to common questions and troubleshoot issues independently.

Service Analytics and Reporting

We’ll build a set of intuitive dashboards and reports so you can easily track in real-time key performance metrics, measure customer satisfaction, and gain insights into your service operations

Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud helps you deliver connected digital experiences for your community, giving the ability for customers, partners, and employees to share information and help each other find answers.

At Cloud Odyssey we help you to strengthen your relationship with customers and channel partners, enabling them to access, self-serve, and collaborate through a secure web and/or mobile portal experience.

Cloud Odyssey - Salesforce Experience Cloud - web
Community Setup and Customization

We’ll set up and customize your Experience Cloud community to align with your specific goals and branding, and ensure a seamless and engaging user experience across web and mobile.

Integration with External Systems

We’ll integrate your Experience Cloud community with other systems and databases to enable real-time data exchange and provide a unified view of information for community users.

Content Management and Collaboration

We’ll help you to create and maintain a knowledge base of resources to facilitate self-service, and drive engagement with collaboration features like discussion forums, chat, and file sharing.

User Enablement and Support

Our experts will enable your community managers and members to ensure they can effectively use the community's features. And if you need help to maximize the value of Experience Cloud, our support and managed services packages are designed to help you do just that.

Cloud Odyssey - Salesforce Marketing Cloud - web

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful marketing automation and customer engagement platform.

Our certified specialists will help you to leverage the capabilities of Marketing Cloud, including multi-channel marketing, including SMS and social media marketing, customer journey mapping, lead scoring, and marketing automation.

Implementation and Configuration

We’ll set up and configure Marketing Cloud to align with your marketing goals. This involves creating email templates, setting up data extensions, configuring subscriber lists, and defining customer journeys and automation workflows.

Data Integration and Segmentation

Our experts will integrate Marketing Cloud with your different data sources, to ensure that you have a comprehensive view of customer data, allowing you to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing and Automation

We’ll work with your team and provide hands-on support and guidance on how to best utilise Marketing Cloud's features to achieve business goals. This includes setting up triggered email journeys, personalized email content, and A/B testing to optimize email performance.

Analytics and Reporting

We’ll set up custom reports and dashboards leveraging the advanced analytics and reporting tools within Marketing Cloud to help track campaign performance, measure ROI, and gain insights into customer behavior.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) is the ideal tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario.

At Cloud Odyssey we have the experience and skills you require to help you to streamline and automate the complex process of creating accurate quotes and proposals.

Cloud Odyssey - Salesforce CPQ
Implementation and Integration

Our certified experts will implement CPQ into your existing Salesforce ecosystem, integrate it with third-party applications, and configure it to align with your company’s unique products, pricing models, and business processes, ensuring seamless data flow and functionality.

Customization and Optimization

To meet your specific business needs, we’ll work with your team to create tailored quote templates, product bundles, and pricing rules and ensure efficient user adoption and improved productivity.

Enablement and Support

We’ll enable your sales teams to generate quotes, manage products, and leverage CPQ's analytics based on defined processes. And with our cost-effective technical support and managed services packages we’ll be able to fully support you after the implementation, resolving issues promptly and ensuring smooth operation to prevent disruptions in the quoting process.

Analytics and Reporting

We’ll set up custom reports and dashboards to give you accurate, real-time insights into your sales processes, including tracking quote-to-cash performance, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing pricing strategies. We’ll also assist you in leveraging AI and machine learning features to enhance pricing recommendations and increase sales effectiveness.

Cloud Odyssey - Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud harmonizes and stores your customer data at massive scale, and transforms it into a single, dynamic, source of truth: the real-time customer graph  

Partnering with our expert team will ensure you harness the power of customer data effectively with Salesforce Data Cloud. 

Streamlined Data Integration

We seamlessly integrate your data sources, ensuring a unified, 360-degree view of your customers. Our experts will eliminate data silos, enabling you to make informed decisions and enhance customer relationships.

Data Quality Enhancement

We employ data cleansing and enrichment strategies to improve data accuracy, consistency, and completeness. This ensures your customer data is always up-to-date and reliable, leading to more precise targeting and engagement.

Customized Customer Insights

Our consultants will tailor Data Cloud to your unique business needs, providing actionable insights that drive marketing, sales, and service strategies.

Continuous Support

We offer ongoing support and maintenance to keep your Salesforce Data Cloud running smoothly, adapting to evolving business requirements and industry trends.

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