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We want our people to feel excited about working at Cloud Odyssey, find purpose in what they do, and have a sense of accomplishment.

Cloud Odyssey - Our vision

Our vision for us

At Cloud Odyssey, our vision is to leverage technology to help fuel a world where individual’s and the organization’s well-being are aligned, creating a better tomorrow for everyone. Our aim is to do it together.

We believe in inclusivity, diversity, and unity, creating a workplace that celebrates different perspectives and embraces collaboration. It’s the experience and expertise brought by each individual that drive new ideas and accelerate creativity.

With Cloud Odyssey, you are joining a supportive environment that values your contribution, nurtures your aspirations and enables you to reach your full potential.

Growing together

Our exponential growth is creating incredible opportunities, allowing you to grow alongside us and accelerate your career.

Thanks to the global nature of the company, you’ll be exposed to a broad spectrum of clients, industries, and challenges, thereby broadening your skill set and expanding your professional network on a global scale.

Through a culture of continuous learning we offer extensive training programs, certifications, and access to the latest tools and methodologies, whereas our dynamic career paths provide you with ample opportunities for upward mobility within the organization.

Cloud Odyssey - growing together
Cloud Odyssey - Our culture

A vibrant culture

The vibrant culture of Cloud Odyssey is characterized by a dynamic blend of innovation, collaboration, and lively celebration. We foster a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and we always look for opportunities to come together to celebrate milestones, special days or just the end of a hard week. 

Teams, comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, collaborate seamlessly, bringing forth a spectrum of skills and insights. The fast-paced nature of the industry is balanced with a strong sense of camaraderie and support, creating a workplace where individuals thrive and ideas flourish.  

Pledge 1%

At Cloud Odyssey, corporate responsibility is not just a philosophy but a core value that shapes how we behave and promotes a culture where actions speak louder than words. 

We are committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve and the enivornment, whether through philanthropic initiatives, volunteer programs, or other avenues that support charitable causes. 

We believe in the interconnectedness of business success and community well-being, and for this reason we have proudly embraced Salesforce’s 1% pledge, aligning ourselves with a global movement that advocates for businesses to contribute 1% of their equity, product, and/or employee time to charity. 

Cloud Odyssey - Social Responsibility


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