Salesforce Accelerators

With Cloud Odyssey’s Accelerators for Salesforce, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Faster time-to-value

At Cloud Odyssey we leverage the learnings our domain and Salesforce experts bring from every engagement, to develop Accelerators that reflect industry best practices and Salesforce design standards.

Our accelerators incorporate Cloud and Industry specific frameworks, solutions and use cases that expedite the deployment, enhance the functionality, and maximize the efficiency of the respective Salesforce Clouds.

Each accelerator is tailored to the specific needs of an industry, and is designed to streamline and optimize processes, uniquely combining the enhanced capabilities of Salesforce Clouds with our extensive know-how within the industry.

Cloud Odyssey Accelerator - Salesforce Education cloud

Education Cloud Accelerator

  • Student & Teacher Attendance
  • Curriculum Management
  • Experience Cloud for Parents
  • Batching & Scheduling
  • Mobile App – Student Life Cycle Management
  • Course Management
  • Fee Management
  • Assignment & Ratings
  • CRM Analytics

Consumer Goods Cloud Accelerator

Web Modules Admin / Supervisor

  • Home Screen (Visits, Dashboard, Activities, Maps, Customer Tasks)
  • Store Info
  • Picture
  • Follow-up visit
  • Order Taking
  • Navigation
  • Execute to Store Check Activities
  • Customer Tasks
  • Capture Survey and Track Assets
  • Sales Folder- Promotions
Cloud Odyssey Accelerator - Salesforce Consumer goods cloud


Cloud Odyssey Accelerator - Salesforce Health cloud

Health Cloud Accelerator

  • Discharge Summary
  • Care Team
  • Referral Management
  • Care Plan
  • Home Plan
  • Impatient Management
  • Doctor Verification Check, License and Certification, Clinical experience
  • Ayushman Bharath Yojana integration

Manufacturing Cloud Accelerator

  • Account Sales Agreement
  • Account Sales Forecast
  • Rebate Management
  • Account Forecast
  • Inventory Management
  • Account Revenue Forecast
Cloud Odyssey Accelerator - Salesforce manufacturing cloud


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