Personalisation always plays an essential role in marketing your business. In 2022, prospects and clients prefer to feel as though businesses are providing services specifically for them. This requires you to keep track of your customers’ interactions with your business and use them to tailor your services to their needs.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you do so with the help of the Interaction Studio. Salesforce Interaction Studio is an integral element of the Marketing Cloud and enables you to create personalised buying journeys for your prospects and customers. In this blog, we will discuss Interaction Studio basics and the aspects a marketer should be aware of before implementing the tool.

What is Salesforce Interaction Studio? 

Also known as Salesforce Marketing Personalisation, Interaction Studio is a tool offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud that facilitates seamless interaction management and real-time personalisation of your services. The tool helps you make necessary changes to your services according to the needs, choices, and preferences of the prospects and customers you deal with.

If you are looking for a holistic reach, Salesforce Interaction Studio helps you promote your offerings across multiple platforms, such as email, web, social media, and mobile, in real-time. It lets you make real-time modifications to your marketing content to suit the needs of the customers you are dealing with.

For example, Salesforce Interaction Studio lets you personalise the suggestions, promotions, ads, offers, page imagery, and other relevant content on your website based on the browsing activities of your prospects or customers. For example, suppose you run an online supermarket, and a customer makes multiple searches or places orders for fruit juices. In that case, you can tailor your website to show them exclusive offers on fruit juices and new varieties available in your store when they visit. 

In this way, the uses of Salesforce Interaction Studio are endless. As your customers keep interacting with your business, you can keep changing your services to suit their needs, preferences, and actions.  

Why should you implement Salesforce Interaction Studio?

If you are still on the fence regarding Salesforce Interaction Studio implementation, here are some of the reasons why you should implement the tool within your organisation:

Personalised customer experience

One of the most prominent features of Salesforce Interaction Studio is that it personalises the experience of each of your customers as they engage with your business, especially while visiting your website. The system stays on its toes and tracks every action your customers take, using the information to personalise your services.

When your customers’ browsing experience becomes personalised, they tend to spend more time on your website as they see precisely what they like. This also makes your customers feel special, allowing you to build healthy relationships with them.

Personalising emails as they are opened

Salesforce Interaction Studio is pretty dynamic in its approach. It allows you to personalise the emails to your contacts as per their latest purchases, searches, and browsing history. Moreover, these emails are personalised as they are opened by the recipients, keeping the messages highly relevant to the contacts they are sent to.  

While these features can be leveraged using Salesforce Marketing Cloud emails, users without the Marketing Cloud can also create HTML code snippets along with the email providers they work with. Moreover, Salesforce Interaction Studio allows you to export specific customer segments from the tools and use the same in Journey Builder for personalising your customers’ buying journeys.

Robust analytics 

Salesforce Interaction Studio is incomplete without its powerful data analytics. Its essence lies in gathering data from multiple sources regarding essential factors such as your prospects or customers’ time on your website, their actions, browsing history, purchases, and much more. Once gathered, this data is analysed to understand the requirements and choices of your customers.

Once you know your customers’ preferences, you can tailor your services, communication, and websites based on them. Salesforce Einstein, the AI component of Salesforce, allows users to create dedicated “recipes’ for designing meaningful experiences for their customers and their profiles. Moreover, the Interaction Studio uses this data for driving A/B testing and conducting other essential marketing processes to get the traction you are looking for.

As the results of these analytics can be seen in real-time, the platform becomes more efficient in streamlining a plethora of business processes.

Interaction studio integrations

Another primary reason you should consider implementing Interaction Studio within your organisation is that it can be integrated with other Salesforce products. These Salesforce Interaction Studio integrations help you expand the tool’s functionality and facilitate seamless collaboration between different teams.

Apart from letting your marketing team use the tool, you can also integrate Interaction Studio with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Integrating it with the Sales Cloud can help your sales reps obtain details regarding your prospects’ preferences and convert them into customers.

Suppose the Interaction Studio is used along with the Service Cloud. In that case, your service agents can use the information about your customers to handle cases and quickly resolve their problems.  

Building healthy customer relations

Finally, the biggest reason why you should implement Salesforce Interaction Studio is that it allows you to build healthy and sustainable customer relations. It puts your customers at the centre of all your marketing processes and revolves all your strategies around them. With Interaction Studio, you can build a base of loyal customers and thrive in the industry you operate in.