Explore Unified Customer-Centric Experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Explore Unified Customer-Centric Experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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This webinar on Salesforce Commerce Cloud explains how to choose the right e-commerce platform for your business needs. While Salesforce Commerce Cloud itself isn’t just a single solution, it offers features like marketing, customer service, and order management, potentially reducing external integrations. It also integrates with various systems and prioritizes security. The discussion touched on how AI is being used for product recommendations and searches, hinting at its future potential for personalization. Finally, the webinar emphasized the importance of considering your overall digital strategy when choosing an e-commerce platform.

About the speaker

Maurizio Stella, with over 20 years of experience in E-commerce and Digital Transformation, has extensively collaborated with leading platforms, global solutions integrators, and international online retailers. As a dedicated E-commerce researcher and the author of ‘The Money-Making E-commerce Experience,’ Maurizio brings a passion for exploring the dynamics of online commerce on a global scale.

The main discussion in the video revolves around the following questions:

  • Which is the best e-commerce platform?
  • Whether Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a single-point solution
  • How Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrates with other platforms
  • Security and data residency with Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Leveraging AI in e-commerce

At a Glance: Topics discussed in the webinar on Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

This webinar talks in detail about:

  • Choosing an ecommerce solution based on business size and needs and why Salesforce Commerce Cloud is ideal for scalable businesses needing Salesforce integration.
  • Exploring diverse capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions like customer service, marketing tools, order management and many others, reducing the reliance on third-party integrations.
  • Integrations with Salesforce Commerce Cloud like links with ERPs, payment gateways and others which include what commerce cloud itself has to offer additional marketplace for additional connectors.
  • Detailed insights on platform and information security are prioritized withing salesforce commerce cloud solution, how it meets compliance standards and allows data storage control.
  • Staying ahead of competition with Commerce AI offering data driven insights on product recommendations, search and analytics, with potential for more personalized experiences in the future with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Considering overall digital transformation strategy for your business, not just website creation, while selecting an ecommerce platform.

Catch all these insights in great detail in our webinar on “Exploring Unified Customer-Centric Experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud” and see how you can transform your e-commerce business to stay ahead in the market.

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