For better clarity on the below use case, I’m referring to the user as Krish and the business entity as ABC Enterprise.

In today’s competitive business landscape, providing a seamless and personalised customer experience is crucial for success. ABC Enterprise understands this well and has chosen to leverage Salesforce 360, a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform, to optimise Krish’s buying journey. From targeted advertisements to post-purchase support, various systems in Salesforce work together to ensure a cohesive and engaging experience for Krish. Let’s delve into Krish’s buying journey and explore how each Salesforce system contributes to delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

Advertising campaigns with Salesforce Advertising Studio

Krish’s journey begins with targeted advertisements deployed through Salesforce Ads. Using data from the Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP), ABC Enterprise identifies Krish as a potential customer interested in a mobile website. Through strategic ad placements, Krish is drawn into the sales funnel, initiating his engagement with ABC Enterprise.

Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP)

Salesforce DMP plays a vital role in understanding Krish’s preferences and behaviour. It collects and analyses data from various sources, such as website visits, social media interactions, and previous purchases. By gaining insights into Krish’s preferences, ABC Enterprise can tailor its marketing efforts and provide personalised recommendations to enhance his buying experience.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

As Krish navigates to ABC Enterprise’s website, Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes into action. It provides a seamless online shopping experience by integrating inventory management, product catalogues, pricing, and checkout processes. Using data from Salesforce DMP, Krish is presented with relevant mobile options, showcasing ABC Enterprise’s commitment to meeting its specific needs.

Salesforce Content Management System (CMS)

To create compelling content and optimise the browsing experience, ABC Enterprise utilises Salesforce CMS. It enables the efficient management and delivery of multimedia assets, such as images, videos, and product descriptions. By leveraging CMS, ABC Enterprise ensures that Krish receives engaging and informative content throughout his buying journey.

Salesforce Einstein personalised recommendations

Salesforce Einstein, an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform, is integrated into Krish’s buying journey. By analysing Krish’s browsing and purchasing history, Einstein generates personalised product recommendations, presenting him with additional mobile website features or related services that align with his interests. These recommendations enhance Krish’s decision-making process and increase the likelihood of a successful purchase.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

When Krish decides to proceed with the purchase, Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers ABC Enterprise’s sales team. Sales representatives can access Krish’s detailed profile, including his browsing history, preferences, and previous interactions. This information enables them to engage with Krish more effectively, answer his queries, and guide him towards making an informed decision.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud further nurtures Krish’s journey by automating personalised communication across multiple channels. By leveraging data from DMP and Sales Cloud, ABC Enterprise sends targeted emails, SMS, or push notifications to Krish, reminding him about the benefits of a mobile website and any ongoing promotions. This personalised engagement keeps Krish engaged and interested, increasing the chances of a successful conversion. 

Salesforce Order Management System

Once Krish finalises his purchase, the Salesforce Order Management System comes into play. It orchestrates the order fulfilment process, ensuring accurate inventory management, order tracking, and timely delivery. Krish receives regular updates regarding his order status, providing transparency and instilling confidence in ABC Enterprise’s commitment to customer satisfaction.  

Salesforce Service Cloud

Post-purchase, if Krish requires assistance or encounters issues, Salesforce Service Cloud is there to support him. Krish can reach out to ABC Enterprise’s customer service team through various channels, such as email, phone, or chat. Service Cloud consolidates Krish’s purchase and interaction history, allowing service agents to offer personalised and efficient support, ensuring a positive customer experience even after the purchase is complete.

Salesforce Loyalty Management System

ABC Enterprise utilises the Salesforce Loyalty Management System to reward Krish for his loyalty. Based on Krish’s purchase history and engagement, loyalty points are awarded, which can be redeemed for future purchases or exclusive offers. This programme enhances customer retention and promotes ongoing engagement with ABC Enterprise’s products and services.

Salesforce Tableau

To gain insights into Krish’s buying journey and overall business performance, ABC Enterprise utilises Salesforce Tableau. Tableau provides interactive data visualisation and reporting, enabling stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. ABC Enterprise can refine its strategies by analysing Krish’s interactions, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction metrics to enhance the customer experience.

MuleSoft’s Integration 

Throughout Krish’s buying journey, MuleSoft’s integration capabilities played a crucial role in connecting various systems, both within Salesforce and external platforms. MuleSoft facilitates seamless data exchange, ensuring a unified view of Krish’s information across different touchpoints, allowing ABC Enterprise to deliver consistent and personalised experiences.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud provides a self-service portal to access knowledge articles, FAQs, and community forums. It empowers Krish to find answers to his queries independently and connect with other customers, fostering a sense of belonging and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Salesforce Financial Cloud

Finally, Salesforce Financial Cloud handles the financial aspects of Krish’s purchase. It seamlessly integrates with payment gateways, tracks invoices, and manages billing information. Krish receives transparent and accurate financial documentation, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy transaction process.

Final thoughts

By leveraging Salesforce 360 and its comprehensive suite of systems, ABC Enterprise ensures a seamless customer experience for Krish throughout his buying journey. From targeted advertisements to personalised recommendations, efficient order management, exceptional customer service, and loyalty rewards, each touchpoint is connected and empowered by Salesforce’s robust ecosystem. With Salesforce 360, ABC Enterprise sets a benchmark for customer-centricity, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving long-term success in the highly competitive marketplace.