In today’s world, online shopping has become an integral part of our daily lives, transcending its niche origins. The eCommerce sector has witnessed exponential growth, prompting businesses to embrace digital platforms to stay competitive. Salesforce Commerce Cloud emerges as an ideal solution, enabling organisations to establish and operate online storefronts seamlessly.

To plan, create, market, and track an online store, SFCC provides eCommerce firms with all the essential tools. This system has several top-of-the-line capabilities, including content management, customer service management, inventory management, order fulfilment, and personalised shopping.


Formerly known as Demandware, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based SaaS solution designed for online retailers. It empowers businesses to set up and manage online storefronts across various platforms and channels, providing customers with unified and consistent buying experiences. With Commerce Cloud, enterprises can efficiently handle multiple online stores from a centralised platform, gaining a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers and business processes. The platform ensures personalised shopping experiences across web, mobile, social media, and offline stores, keeping customers engaged throughout their buying journeys.

Who uses Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

A wide range of organisations that want to create online storefronts and use cutting-edge automated tools use Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Renowned players such as Puma, PacSun, Cargill, YETI, PetSmart, and the American Red Cross have embraced Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enhance their digital presence. While C-level executives predominantly drive the adoption of Commerce Cloud, businesses of all sizes and industries can implement this solution to revolutionise their operations.

B2B and B2C offerings

Salesforce Commerce Cloud caters to both B2B and B2C businesses, allowing organisations to choose the solution that aligns with their customer base and requirements. For businesses serving other companies, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud offers tailored features for handling high-volume purchases from limited customers. On the other hand, Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is designed for retailers engaging directly with end consumers. It equips them with extensive functionalities encompassing order management, merchandising, promotions, marketing, fulfilment, predictive intelligence, and customer service.

The importance of learning Salesforce Commerce Cloud

To maximise the benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it is crucial for users to receive adequate training on the platform’s functionality and features. While implementation partners often assist with user adoption, various resources are available to support learning. Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers round-the-clock support to address queries and provide personalised resolutions. Users can also tap into the Trailblazer Community, an online platform where Salesforce professionals and users share knowledge and insights, fostering continuous learning and process improvement.

Advantages of using Salesforce Commerce Cloud for businesses

  • Improved Market/Customer Prediction to Gain an Edge in the Competition
  • High-End Tools
  • Mobile-Friendly Methodology
  • Outstanding Customer Services
  • Globalisation of storefronts

Key features of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Seamless Order Management

Salesforce Commerce Cloud integrates with Salesforce Order Management, enabling centralised visibility of the entire order cycle. Users can efficiently capture and fulfil multiple orders while offering personalised customer service and gaining a comprehensive overview of order management activities.

Personalised buying journeys

Leveraging the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, businesses can create and track personalised buying journeys for each prospect and customer. From their initial search on the online storefront, the platform ensures continuous support until a purchase is made, fostering a seamless and engaging customer experience.

Artificial intelligence

Commerce Cloud makes use of advanced data analytics powered by Salesforce’s AI component, Einstein. By analysing datasets, Einstein identifies patterns and trends, facilitating predictive insights into customer behaviour and enabling data-driven forecasts to enhance business processes.

Mobile customization

Recognising the growing prevalence of mobile devices for online shopping, Salesforce Commerce Cloud adopts a mobile-first approach. This allows businesses to build mobile-responsive websites and applications, ensuring customers enjoy a rich and hassle-free shopping experience on their mobile devices.

Digital Commerce Cloud

Popular tools, mobile frameworks, and other features can help you design a fully responsive website. Commerce Cloud Digital allows you to promote your online store on social media and expand your customer base. It’s not just about improving mobile payment and search but also about reducing cart abandonment and creating your mobile app.

Reference architecture for storefront

You can quickly and easily create a unique, high-quality website using this cutting-edge framework. Wireframes, incorporated digital innovation technologies, and trusted integrations can all be used to operate your website successfully.

Endless aisle

Customers and retail staff will benefit from SFCC’s ability to integrate shopping channels and streamline the purchasing process. By giving your employees access to customer databases and online inventory data, you may provide a more tailored customer experience. Your consumers can establish their wishlists with the things they want to purchase. You can also decrease sales at your brick-and-mortar locations by promoting specials on your website.

e-commerce websites

Loyalty programmes can help you create long-term relationships with your clients. The ability to track consumer behaviour with SFCC means that you can present your customers with relevant learning materials at every step of their buying journey. Communities, newsletters, and social media can send your customers relevant content and brand updates.

What are the advantages for businesses of using Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Improved market and customer prediction to gain an edge over the competition

To achieve cutting-edge eCommerce efficiency and competency, Einstein AI has unrivalled capabilities that can radically revolutionise the old tactics, methods, and platforms. Using Einstein AI, your business can provide clients with the most relevant items at every touchpoint.

Additionally, it streamlines many e-commerce tasks, saving you time, money, and effort. As a result of its predictive capabilities and data-driven insights, it enables firms to achieve sustainable growth.

With Einstein AI, companies may shorten their time to market, increase their performance, and get an advantage over their competitors.

High-End tools

Customers can use Salesforce Commerce Cloud marketing features to build brand awareness and customer loyalty in the marketplace. Using this technology, companies may increase the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives while also increasing ROI and sales.

SFCC’s job is to help businesses identify potential customers, connect them, and deliver the appropriate product at the right time. This precise coordination of product, customer, and time can significantly enhance conversion rates.

Mobile-Friendly methodology

It has become imperative for growth-oriented e-commerce firms that have a mobile strategy to enhance their digital storefronts to provide a unique mobile experience for their customers.

For businesses to connect with their global mobile audience and increase sales prospects, Salesforce Commerce Cloud was designed to facilitate and accentuate the mobile-first experience.

Outstanding customer service

There is little dispute that Salesforce is the customer relationship management (CRM) software that is used the most around the world. It is highly renowned for assuring the success of all of its customers’ businesses by providing adequate and round-the-clock customer support. This helps ensure that their operations function smoothly.

Support specialists for Salesforce Commerce Cloud have an outstanding track record when it comes to providing training. As a direct consequence of this, a wide variety of problems may be fixed in a short amount of time, ranging from the installation of security updates to the modification of the code itself.

Globalisation of storefronts

When compared to its competitors, Salesforce Commerce Cloud does exceptionally well in this sphere. Enterprises may now acquire full control over their global branches by managing all of their locations from a single interface, which allows them to manage several shops simultaneously.

If you engage in high-end internationalisation, your business will be able to operate in a variety of languages, cultures, and currencies without being subject to either technical or physical limitations. If a technical issue arises, Salesforce consultants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist.

The capabilities of Commerce Page Designer, which are easy to use, allow marketers and merchandisers to develop e-commerce experiences that are engaging and immersive for customers. It is possible to generate highly customised content like landing pages, lookbooks, and promotional banners fast and efficiently without the assistance of a third-party company or freelancer by making use of the tools and templates that come pre-installed with the software.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a sophisticated platform developed for organisations that provides comprehensive and dynamic marketing solutions. It enables companies to communicate successfully with their customers through omnichannel interaction. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partners, on the other hand, make it possible for companies of all sizes to use the commerce cloud’s power while also enhancing their current technology and infrastructure.