Salesforce Media Cloud – The right platform for media and entertainment

Salesforce is one of the leading cloud-based CRM platforms. It boasts over 100,000 customers, including many in the media and entertainment industries, like MTV, Warner Brothers, ESPN, etc.

In this article, we go into more detail about the key features, benefits, functions, and pricing of Salesforce Media Cloud. Know the difference between media cloud growth and media cloud Advance.

What is Salesforce Media Cloud?

It is a unified media centre CRM that helps to manage and build relationships with subscribers, advertisers, and sources. By adding features for their industry to the Salesforce Platform, media companies can give their customers the best possible experiences.

It also helps you build your own converged platform. You can sell and build integrated media strategies that include print, direct, and digital media. You can now have programmatic exchanges in your budget for general media preparation.

What is Media Cloud or Cloud Media platform?

Media Cloud is a platform that keeps track of millions of online stories. It lets researchers track the spread of memes, how the media frames stories, and how different stories are covered.

How is Media Cloud related to Salesforce?

  • By leveraging the power of Salesforce, Media Cloud can provide customers with unified, secure access to all of their digital media assets.
  • Media Cloud’s integration with Salesforce allows media companies to easily track and report on the performance of their digital media assets, such as how many views and clicks, and track media impressions, reach, and engagement. Or downloads a media asset has received. 
  • The Salesforce Media Cloud enables media companies to quickly and easily connect to digital media assets and utilise them within the Salesforce cloud.
  • You can use the power of programmatic exchanges and build integrated media plans: print, linear, and digital, which are easy to integrate.
  • The platform is designed to help marketers track their brand’s social media presence.

The core functions offered in Media Cloud Salesforce are

Omnichannel sales and service

Get customised media experiences and packages that are ready to go in minutes. Shorten the time between releases, help consumers find the right products and deals, and empower them to purchase.

Products, bundles, and promotions

Make it feasible for customers to interact with your brand, no matter where they are. Let teams work together around a 360-degree view of your customers to maximise customer lifetime value (CLV).

Contract management

Streamline and keep track of contracts so you can close deals faster and get paid sooner.

Order fulfilment

To speed up your advertising campaigns, use media-specific processes and integrations.

Top 6 benefits of using Media Cloud in Salesforce

1. CRM for media

Salesforce is the most popular CRM, and Media Cloud adds to its ability to manage customer relationships. For both customers and companies. The best place for insights, new ideas, and performance in the media business The world’s most complete collection of media intelligence products

2. Fast time to value

It helps you make successful apps, integrations, UX templates, data models, and more. With fast-track deployment, you can reach your monetization goals by bringing in more revenue from the media. Through processes unique to an industry, automated pricing, and discounts.

3. Flexible and Scalable

This gives you a pre-packaged solution to make and deliver media content. It does not require core technical skills.

Try out a cloud-based media solution that can grow and change your business. The WYSIWYG framework and the ability to drag and drop are two features.

4. A single source of truth

Single source of truth for all your business relationships. It lets you see your business from a 360-degree perspective.

5. Proven Customer Success

With a certified partner ecosystem, you can create custom experiences for every step of the customer journey. Superior and personalised media solutions can increase loyalty and turn casual media viewers into loyal fans.

6. A Modular Approach

Media Cloud is like a block set: each piece fills a certain space. Use the modular components to build solutions to problems that already exist. It’s versatile and flexible, so you can change it to fit your needs.

The best 7 features of Media Cloud Salesforce

1. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other cloud-based functions

Bring together sales and service. With Sales Cloud and Service Cloud on the same platform, you can sell faster and smarter and interact with every customer.

2. Media-Specific Data Model

Make a customised, end-to-end data model on the Salesforce Platform for media and entertainment companies.

3. OmniStudio

Create a user experience that any business can use. Use user interfaces, processes, and integration tools designed for large businesses.

4. Industries CPQ

With advanced order capture, guided selling, and catalogue-driven CPQ, you can offer attribute-based pricing and business rules that are very complicated.

5. Document generation

You can make PDFs unique to you by using templates that are easy to modify.

6. Shared product catalogue

Using a single platform, you can speed up the release of new offers and products and improve the customer experience.

7. Promotions and discounts

Support the management and execution of complex discount and promotion use cases to ensure customers get the best deal, from which businesses and organisations can benefit.

Businesses and organisations that can use the media cloud to their advantage

Content Creators

It allows them to create, manage, publish, and distribute content across multiple platforms. They can use it to produce TV shows, movies, audio podcasts, and much more.


Marketing and branding agencies help brands get their products and services in front of various audiences.

Retail media companies

Retailers earn profits from people who visit their websites and stores through ads, sponsorships, and other means.

Tech Media and digital natives

Customers can get content from tech companies, like updates and news, through different channels, like websites and apps.


Gaming companies create content for various platforms, including phones, computers, and gaming consoles.

Streaming Media

Streaming media companies offer a wide range of video and audio content over the internet.


Publishers own the channels of communication that carry information to audiences.

Education providers

Digital education companies offer a wide range of educational services, such as making and managing content, learning platforms and assessments, and computer-based testing.

Physical entertainment providers

Companies that sell tickets need to know their customers and what they like to give great customer service and offer attractive gifts.


Advertisers need solutions that help them define ad types and where they appear so they can promote the products and services they want to promote.

B2B Information/Data

B2B data and information companies provide editorial, research, and data content to businesses.

Play television

Subscription-based TV services deliver content over cable, satellite, and the internet. They can also be streamed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.


Sports teams and esports companies create events where fans can get together to watch live games.

Media Cloud Salesforce pricing

Get a general idea of how much Salesforce Media costs. This pricing is for informational purposes only and does not include any discounts that or your Customer Success Manager may offer.

Media cloud pricing is categorised into two types:

1. Media Cloud Growth

A tool for managing customer relationships that can be modified and is made for media and entertainment companies You can manage your contacts, customers, and suppliers in one system. Get easy analytics on your database so you can see who’s worth reaching out to.

2. Media Cloud Advanced

Add powerful features like quotes, promotions, and product catalogues to your contact centre to make it your own. Create, edit, and share quotes with customers. Send real-time promotions to boost sales and remind customers of special offers. Create an engaging shopping experience with product catalogues for all your customers, whether they’re on desktop or mobile.

Note: The above pricing details include sales cloud or service cloud. You can add either service for an additional price. The cost varies depending on the number of users per month billed annually.

Media Cloud Growth vs Media Cloud Advance

Before you decide, take a close look at the differences between media cloud growth and media cloud Advance.

Features of Salesforce MediaCloudMedia Cloud Growth USD/user/month**Media cloud Advance USD/user/month**
Sales Cloud or Service Cloud Functionality
Media-Specific Data Model
Industries CPQ
Document Generation
Shared Product Catalog
Promotions & Discounts

Disclaimer: The above information is just for general use. For more specific information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Cloud Odyssey Sales Team at or visit the official Salesforce website.

Quick Summary

There has been tremendous growth in the types of business organisations that now use Salesforce Media Cloud. It’s now wider than large, established companies with huge budgets. Now, a small company can purchase and use the cloud to reach its users and customers as efficiently as larger companies. The flexibility of this media platform is one of its greatest assets.