Salesforce is all about tracking customer interactions. The CRM platform helps you personalise your customer interactions to build better customer relations. It helps you enhance your sales, marketing, and customer service processes by storing and analysing your customer records. Salesforce Interaction Studio leverages this Salesforce functionality and helps you build robust marketing campaigns. 

This blog will discuss the importance of Salesforce Interaction Studio and how it helps you create personalised customer journeys.

What is Salesforce Interaction Studio?

Salesforce Interaction Studio is a marketing cloud tool that helps you interact with your customers across multiple platforms in real-time. The integral element of Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to deliver 1-to-1 engagement that drives revenue.

You can connect with the right prospects at the right time with Salesforce Interaction Studio. Every customer has a unique journey; you need to nurture it accordingly. The Interaction Studio helps you be there for your customers throughout their buying journeys as they engage with your business. From offering them personalised support to giving them personalised recommendations, it increases your chances of closing more deals and getting the traction you want.

Salesforce Interaction Studio helps you provide your prospects with personalised web and email experiences, driving more engagement. It lets you market your offerings across many more channels, including social media, SMS, and more. The Interaction Studio gives you a 36-degree view of all your contacts to make intelligent marketing decisions at every stage of their buying journeys, turning prospects into customers.

The workings of Salesforce Interaction Studio with the Marketing Cloud

To avail yourself of Interaction Studio’s benefits, you must implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The two solutions are inseparable and complement each other to streamline your marketing campaigns.

Irrespective of the complex buying journeys, the Interaction Studio helps your marketing team create personalised buying experiences for your Marketing Cloud contacts. It enables you to use logged customer activities to give you valuable information regarding past customer interactions. Information like this makes your marketing campaign holistic and lets you pay individual attention to all your customers.

The Marketing Cloud component helps your marketing reps add your customers to segmentation lists in real-time to stay in tune with their buying journey status. You can also connect Interaction Studio with Journey Builder to send emails directly to specific user segments. This ensures that your marketing content is personalised according to your customers’ recent interests.

Creating personalised customer journeys with Salesforce Interaction Studio

In 2022, personalisation will be the core of any marketing campaign. Businesses need to treat their customers and prospects by paying individual attention to their needs.

Interaction studio use cases

Here are some important ways in which you can leverage Salesforce Interaction Studio to create personalised customer journeys:

Personalising the website experience

To make the most of Salesforce Interaction Studio, provide your prospects and customers with tailor-made website experiences. Ensure that different visitors see different elements on your website as they visit. The Interaction Studio lets you change your website content according to your customers’ needs, preferences, and actions.

If a visitor has purchased a specific product from your website, the Marketing Cloud component lets you recommend products in sync with their interests and purchase history. This makes your customers feel special and encourages them to engage with your business. 

Personalising emails at open time

To personalise web and email experiences with Interaction Studio, you can personalise your marketing emails in real time. This helps you tailor your email content according to the recipients’ purchases and latest actions the moment they open them.

This helps you stay in sync with your prospects or customers’ actions at specific stages of your buying journeys. You can tailor your marketing communication to their needs to keep them engaged.

Incorporating AI with Einstein

Einstein in Interaction Studio helps you add AI magic to your marketing campaigns. It scans your customer records, analyses your customers’ actions, and enables you to predict their behaviours. Einstein gives you valuable insights into your marketing campaign and recommends the proper steps to get closer to your objectives. From intelligent sales forecasts to in-depth analytics, Einstein helps you optimise your campaign in the best possible ways.

Customising ads and offers

Decades of marketing efforts worldwide have proven discounts and offered effective incentives. With Interaction Studio, you can provide your customers with personalised offers based on their behaviour. The Marketing Cloud tool helps you analyse the buying behaviour of your customers to create exclusive offers for them. These offers make your customers feel special and encourage them to purchase the products and services they otherwise wouldn’t.

Similarly, you can personalise your ads for your prospects and customers according to their purchase histories and requirements. Targeted advertising saves you ad costs and ensures that suitable ads reach the right people.

Integrating with other Salesforce offerings

To expand Interaction Studio’s functionality, you can always connect to sales and service data within your CRM. In the age of digitization, seamless collaboration between different departments is inevitable. 

By integrating with the Sales Cloud, you can have your sales reps look at the real-time status of your prospects at different stages of their buying journeys. This allows them to approach them at the right time to close deals.

Integrating with the Service Cloud helps you handle the cases of your customers and prospects on a centralised platform. By understanding the context of the issues faced, you can offer faster and more personalised solutions to your customers across multiple platforms.

Identifying customer data points

Salesforce Interaction Studio thrives on customer data and needs relevant information to personalise customer buying journeys. Ensure that the tool identifies all customer data points to provide them with personalised reports at the right time.

For this, you need to import a feed of data into the Interaction Studio, some of which include:

  • Content Catalogue
  • Product Catalogue
  • Customer identity data points
  • Campaign logic

Once you have fed your system with relevant data, it will process it and help you strengthen your marketing communication.

Quick summary

Today’s customer journey, as presented in CRM, is often quite complex. It’s not uncommon for the average customer to interact with the brand multiple ways and across a variety of touch points before converting (converting being defined as acquiring or retaining a customer). Interaction Studio and Salesforce Marketing Cloud allow you to unlock your data from the page and understand how it fits into this larger picture.


What is Salesforce Interaction Studio?

Salesforce Interaction Studio is a cloud-based platform that helps build interaction management solutions, custom visualisations, dashboards, and data-driven applications that interact in real-time with customers, employees, and partners from anywhere.

What features are in the interaction studio?

The features in the interaction studio are

  • To help you design your next-generation voice experience. 
  • The conversation design, speech synthesis, and recognition capabilities, 
  • It is simple to use and has drag-and-drop tools for making it clickable.
  • Prototypes. Quickly export your work or share it with others, etc.
  • Knowing what to do next in light of the company’s guidelines.
  • For the most excellent customer experience, act on the information obtained.

What is Interaction Studio used for?

The Salesforce Interaction Studio is used for

  • Real-time web-based Applications  
  • To create Sophisticated Animations 
  • Prototypes of your website or mobile app design. 
  • To connect your consumers’ online and offline moments. 
  • To Guide consumers along the ideal course, 
  • Activating interactions in their preferred channel, including owned, social, and paid media.

Is Interaction Studio a customer data platform?

The first one to enter the market was initially a white-labelled customer data platform from the UK named Thunderhead. It’s an interactive process for two-way communication between the user and the developer.