AI Cloud – Enhancing customer experiences and productivity

Salesforce’s AI Cloud platform is specifically designed for customer relationship management systems to improve the customer experience and a company’s productivity. Integrating AI, data, analytics, and automation offers trusted, open, and real-time generative AI solutions that are enterprise-ready. Salesforce leverages the power of generative AI across various domains, such as sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT, enabling AI-created content to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Sales GPT – Driving growth with trusted AI

Sales GPT provides organisations with trusted AI capabilities to unleash growth. By leveraging generative AI and consolidating all data onto a single platform, sales executives can transform their work processes and sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently. One notable use case is the ability for sales executives to auto-craft personalised emails tailored to each customer’s specific details and needs. CRM data drives personalisation, freeing sales executives to focus on building relationships, closing deals, and driving revenue.

Service GPT – Enhancing customer service at scale 

Service GPT and Field Service GPT use up-to-date information from the data cloud, along with reliable AI capabilities, to assist service teams in focusing more on innovation and less on repetitive tasks. This approach also helps in building stronger customer loyalty on a larger level.

For example, service teams can use generative AI to automatically create service briefings, case summaries, and work orders based on trusted case data and customer history. This automation saves teams time and enables them to focus on delivering exceptional service experiences.

Marketing GPT – Supercharging productivity and personalisation

Marketing GPT empowers marketing teams to harness the power of trusted generative AI, enhancing productivity and delivering unparalleled personalisation at scale. By leveraging newly available data in the cloud, marketers can swiftly generate audience segments, leveraging natural language prompts and AI-driven recommendations for enhanced targeting. This ensures that the right messages and offers reach the right people at the right time, creating meaningful customer connections that drive results..

Commerce GPT – Customised commerce experiences

Commerce GPT enables companies to deliver customised commerce experiences throughout the buyer’s journey. It uses unified real-time data from the data cloud to automatically create recommendations, content, and communications.

For example, with Commerce GPT, brands can automatically change how they describe their products to each buyer based on customer data. They can also optimise their strategies for unloading last season’s inventory or increasing the average order value.

Slack GPT – Conversational AI within Slack 

Slack GPT allows users to experience conversational AI natively within the Slack platform, transforming how work is done. With Slack GPT, users can build no-code workflows that embed AI actions by following simple prompts at each step. This makes it easy for anyone to deploy AI automation and streamline their work processes.

Tableau GPT – Enhancing data interaction with generative AI 

Tableau GPT enables everyone to tap into generative AI capabilities to better understand and interact with their data in a trusted and secure manner. Users can surface insights conversationally by asking questions, empowering smarter data experiences.

For example, a sales leader can generate visualisations based on natural language prompts, displaying real-time progress against their team’s quota and recommendations to help them meet their goals.

Flow GPT – Creating workflows with generative AI

Flow GPT allows customers to leverage generative AI capabilities to create workflows based on a single text prompt. Users can create workflows using natural language prompts. For example, they can enable notifications to be sent to sales representatives when a lead is converted into an opportunity. This streamlines and automates the workflow process.

Apex GPT – Accelerating software development and productivity

Apex GPT empowers developers and IT teams by accelerating software development and elevating developer productivity. It can generate intelligent Apex or LWC code using natural language prompts, kickstarting development. Developers can benefit from features such as code vulnerability scanning and suggestions for inline code directly within the Salesforce integrated development environment, resulting in faster coding processes.

Key takeaways

  1. AI Cloud: The AI Cloud platform is designed to enhance customer experiences and improve productivity in CRM systems by integrating AI, data, analytics, and automation. It provides enterprise-ready real-time generative AI solutions and can be leveraged across various departments.
  2. Sales GPT: With trusted AI capabilities, Sales GPT enables organisations to drive growth by leveraging generative AI and consolidating data onto a single platform. It empowers sellers to sell faster and smarter with personalised emails tailored to customer needs.
  3. Service GPT: By utilising real-time data and trusted AI capabilities, Service GPT and Field Service GPT help service teams save time on mundane tasks and focus on customer loyalty. Generative AI automates the creation of service briefings, case summaries, and work orders based on trusted data, enhancing service experiences.
  4. Marketing GPT: Marketing teams can supercharge productivity and deliver personalised experiences at scale with Marketing GPT. Generative AI uses first-party data to quickly create audience segments and AI-driven suggestions for better targeting, which helps build meaningful relationships with customers.
  5. Commerce GPT: Commerce GPT enables businesses to offer distinctive shopping experiences all along the buyer’s path. It utilises real-time data to automatically generate recommendations, content, and communications, enabling brands to optimise strategies and achieve commerce goals.
  6. Slack GPT: Slack GPT brings conversational AI capabilities to the Slack platform, enabling users to build no-code workflows with AI actions. This simplifies the deployment of AI automation and streamlines work processes.
  7. Tableau GPT: Tableau GPT enables users to interact with data using generative AI, unlocking insights through natural language prompts. It empowers users to generate visualisations and receive real-time progress updates, helping them make data-driven decisions.
  8. Flow GPT: With Flow GPT, users can create workflows using generative AI capabilities based on text prompts. This automates processes and enables notifications to be sent when certain conditions, such as lead conversion, are met.
  9. Apex GPT: Apex GPT accelerates software development and boosts productivity for developers and IT teams. It offers features like code generation, vulnerability scanning, and inline code suggestions within the Salesforce integrated development environment, resulting in faster coding processes.


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