Account Engagement campaign reporting

Marketing assets support campaigns, tracking prospects’ first interactions to gain insights. Analysing campaign reports reveals effective channels, assets, and messaging. This helps determine focus areas for future campaigns. Organisations can improve their marketing efforts by using data-driven insights.


Screenshot A

This campaign is associated with marketing assets and account engagement.

  • Budgeted Cost in Campaign: The sum that we allocated for the campaign.
  • Value Opportunities in Campaign: This field calculates the amount of all opportunities associated with the campaign, including closed or won opportunities. This amount is automatically calculated.
  • Value Won Opportunities in Campaign: This field calculates the amount of all closed or won opportunities associated with the campaign. This amount is automatically calculated.

Campaign report in Account Engagement campaigns

You can check out the Campaign Report table for a quick overview of account engagement campaigns.

 Screenshot B

Let’s discuss each metric from SCREENSHOT B individually

1] NAME: Name of the Campaign

2] VISITORS: An anonymous visitor’s cookie count

3] PROSPECTS: Visitors who converted into prospects.

  • PROSPECTS = 23

4] ASSIGNED: The number of leads generated from prospects.

  • ASSIGNED = 21

5] Cost/Prospect: Calculated by dividing the budget cost by the prospect count.

  • COST/PROSPECT = Campaign Budget / Prospects
  • = $30,000/23
  • = $1,304.35

6] OPPORTUNITIES: The number of opportunities from the prospects


7] OPPS/PROSPECTS: Calculated by dividing the number of opportunities by the number of prospects.

  • OPPS/PROSPECTS = (Opportunities/Prospects)
  • = (8/23)
  • = 34.78% (percentage conversion value)

8] COST/OPP: Calculated by dividing the budget cost by the number of opportunities.

  • COST/OPP = Campaign Budgeted Cost / Opportunities
  • = $30,000/8
  • = $3,750

9] Value: Any opportunities associated with the campaign and their total value.

  • VALUE = Opportunities for Campaign Value (from SCREENSHOT A)
  • = $150,000

10] REVENUE: The total value of opportunities that were closed-won from the campaign.

  • REVENUE = Campaign Value Won Opportunities (From screenshot A)
  • = $130,000

11] ROI (Return on Investment): calculated by dividing the revenue minus the budget cost by the budget cost.

  • ROI = ((Revenue-Budgeted Campaign Cost)/ Budgeted Campaign Cost)
  • = (($130,000-$30,000)/$30,000)
  • = 333.33% (percentage conversion value)