We no longer live in a world where people prefer standing in long lines outside their favourite showrooms for hours to make purchases. People no longer prefer going to brick-and-mortar stores to buy products. From expensive electronic gadgets to groceries, everything is available for you to purchase online. This is why the relevance of eCommerce is increasing steadily around the world.

Today, more and more businesses are willing to switch to online selling by setting up storefronts digitally. If you are one such entrepreneur, Salesforce Commerce Cloud would help you set up and manage your storefront(s) from a cloud-based platform. Since its advent into the industry, the Salesforce offering has helped businesses leverage their eCommerce ventures by providing them with a range of tools and features.

If you are looking forward to implementing the Commerce Cloud within your organisation, have a look at some of the most important ways in which the cloud-based platform has helped businesses leverage their eCommerce ventures

Seamless buying experience

If you are willing to run multiple online storefronts, it is important to make sure that you provide a consistent and seamless buying experience for your customers. If different stores of the same business provide varied experiences to the customers, it becomes difficult for them to stay associated with the concerned brand.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to provide a consistent buying experience to all your customers as they visit your different stores across different platforms. The platform allows you to manage all your stores from a centralised platform, providing you with a 360-degree view of the same. This way, you can take important business decisions and apply them to your stores to maintain consistency across the board.

Intelligent product recommendations

With the help of Salesforce Einstein, the AI component of Salesforce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to make intelligent product recommendations for your customers. It keeps track of the searches made by your customers as they visit your online store, the items they add to the cart or wish list, the purchases they make, and more. These details are used to create recommendations and suggestions that are unique for every customer catered to by your organisation.

As the Commerce Cloud allows you to personalise product recommendations, it opens up doors for effective upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Moreover, personalisation makes your customers feel special, allowing you to build a long and healthy relationship with them.

High scalability

You may need to alter the scale at which you operate based on multiple factors, including the traffic on your site, the demand in the market, the advent of new customers, change of seasons, etc. Every business is willing to scale itself up over time and expand its horizons.

Being a cloud-based platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides businesses with much-needed flexibility and scalability. If you are willing to scale up your business to accommodate more traffic and customers, the platform allows you to implement new technology, tools, and features at once. On the other hand, if you are willing to scale your business down to limit traffic and customers, the Commerce Cloud allows you to return to more basic tools and features in a hassle-free manner.

This way, the Salesforce offering helps you alter the scale of your business without affecting its performance.

Insightful data analytics

There is immense competition in the eCommerce sector, and it is always important for online sellers to have an edge over their competitors. For this, it is important to evaluate their performance on a regular basis.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud facilitates seamless, automated, and insightful data analytics for users to make important assessments about processes. Right from calculating the ROI generated to assessing new customers acquired over a specific period of time, the Commerce Cloud provides you with customizable reports that analyse your business data in the best way possible.

Such data analytics allow the management to make important business decisions and rectify important errors.

Formulating effective strategies

Apart from helping businesses set up and run online storefronts, Salesforce Commerce Cloud also allows them to formulate effective strategies. According to their needs and requirements, the cloud-based platform is able to identify significant benchmarks that businesses can achieve.

The Commerce Cloud puts all important details about your customers, the market you operate in, and the history of your performance at your disposal, allowing you to build strategies that give you the desired results.

Connecting with offline stores

One of the biggest ways in which Salesforce Commerce Cloud is enhancing eCommerce is by allowing businesses to connect with offline stores. If you are already running an offline store and want to set up an online branch of the same, you can manage both stores from a single, unified platform.

This allows you to create consistent and uniform buying journeys for the customers you engage with across the board. Moreover, the Commerce Cloud allows you to sync your business data between your online and offline stores in real-time, providing you with a more organised approach to handling your business.

Mobile-first approach

A large number of customers around the world prefer making online purchases from their mobile phones via apps or websites. You can design and develop websites and applications with seamless mobile customization thanks to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s adoption of the mobile-first approach.

The platform makes sure that you provide your customers with a rich and holistic shopping experience as they visit your storefront(s) using their mobile devices. Right from seamless reporting and inventory management to predictive sorting and personalised mobile searches, the Commerce Cloud allows you to be there for your customers every step of the way.