Cart abandonment is a prevalent challenge in B2B commerce, with a significant portion of customers leaving their shopping carts incomplete. Salesforce B2B Commerce goes beyond just the shopping experience. Its integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud unlocks the power of automated cart abandonment emails, helping you win back potential customers. This dynamic duo empowers you to recapture lost sales opportunities and convert abandoned carts into successful purchases. 

Understanding Cart Abandonment 

Cart abandonment occurs when a customer adds products to their B2B Commerce shopping cart but fails to complete the checkout process. Reasons for abandonment can vary, but some common culprits include: 

  • Complex checkout processes 
  • High shipping costs 
  • Unexpected fees or taxes 
  • Distractions during the shopping journey 

The Power of Integration: Salesforce B2B Commerce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud 

Here’s how Salesforce B2B Commerce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud work together to combat cart abandonment: 

  • Data Collection: Salesforce B2B Commerce captures customer data and cart information, including abandoned carts. 
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation: This data is then transferred to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which triggers automated email workflows specifically designed to recapture abandoned carts. 

Crafting Effective Cart Abandonment Emails 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers you to create personalized and compelling cart abandonment emails that nudge customers toward completing their purchases. Here are some key elements for effective emails: 

  • Personalization: Address the customer by name and reference the abandoned cart contents. 
  • Urgency and Scarcity: Create a sense of urgency by highlighting limited-time offers or low stock availability for specific products. 
  • Clear Call to Action: Include a prominent call-to-action button that encourages the customer to return to their cart and complete the checkout process. 
  • Simplified Checkout: Consider offering a link to a streamlined checkout experience within the email. 

Beyond Basic Emails 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers functionalities beyond basic email marketing: 

  • A/B Testing: Test different email subject lines, content variations, and call-to-actions to identify the most effective approach for your audience. 
  • Segmentation: Segment your customer base and tailor your cart abandonment emails to specific demographics or buying behaviors for increased personalization. 
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: Complement your email strategy with abandoned cart outreach through other channels like SMS or social media for a more comprehensive approach. 


By harnessing the combined power of Salesforce B2B Commerce and Marketing Cloud, you can transform cart abandonment from a challenge into an opportunity. By implementing automated recovery emails and crafting compelling messaging, you can reclaim lost sales and turn abandoned carts into successful B2B transactions.