Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or SFCC, is a highly scalable, cloud-based SaaS-based e-commerce solution. This eCommerce solution offers a highly optimized eCommerce experience with best-in-class functionality and features.

Through its SaaS model, the platform simplifies the process of organising a technical roadmap and keeping up with best practises in eCommerce by providing eCommerce as a SaaS solution. It keeps pace with the rapid pace of change in the eCommerce sector by constantly enhancing functionality and features to ensure you get a world-class experience.

In this blog, we discuss the campaigns and promotions in Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud campaigns

Campaigns enable you to define schedules for different qualifiers and experiences, including customer groups and coupons, for many promotions and sorting rules in Salesforce B2C Commerce.

Merchants can create various kinds of promotions and track the results of their campaigns through the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Campaigns feature.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how to design different experiences for different users, ultimately improving the experience for the users and generating more revenue for the company.

How do I create a Salesforce Commerce Cloud campaign?

Essentially, a campaign holds all your promotions and qualifiers together. For each promotion or slot configuration in a campaign, you can specify the schedule and qualifiers.

Each experience within a campaign inherits details that are defined in the campaign, including promotions, sorting rules, and slot configurations. Other than the enablement status, it is possible to refine or override all the inherited details. Let’s look into the details

Step 1: Choose the site, then click Merchant Tools, followed by Online Marketing and Campaigns.

Step 2: Select the (+) icon to view the content promotions and slot promotions, including scheduled timelines.

Step 3: Click New and see information about the campaign.

Step 4: Set the campaign dates. A campaign that does not have any scheduled dates will run indefinitely.

Step 5: Create qualifiers so that the campaign will be relevant to the right people and trigger at the right time.

Step 6: Then select the Add Experience that you wish to contain and click Apply.

Key features of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud campaign

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud is very powerful since it allows you to customise user experiences profoundly for different types of users, with numerous criteria to choose from.

  • The product list can emphasise previous customers’ most frequently purchased items.
  • The front page and other parts of your site can be viewed in different versions by visitors who have visited one of your product pages many times but have not yet made a purchase.
  • You can offer discounts to customers who haven’t purchased in the last 6 months, but you can also showcase brand new products.
  • It is possible that clients who have purchased an expiring product and need to renew it could receive a reminder before the end of their supply.
  • Depending on the time or even weather, users can view featured or recommended products.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud promotions

An important part of marketing involves promoting the company to increase sales. Promoting your products is one of the most effective ways to attract consumers and drive up sales.

Merchants can create their product promotions using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, of course. Your business needs and goals can be met by customising the rules within the eCommerce platform to define the different types of discounts, promotions, and conditions.  Moreover, promotions can be created for a variety of products. Also, you can set shipping and order promotions.

Merchants can manipulate experiences (promotions) for targeted groups of customers using Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Campaign feature. Thus, shoppers receive discounts according to promotions, which are rules defining the elements of the discounts. Three types of promotions are offered: product promotions, order promotions, and shipping promotions.

Key Points to consider before creating a Salesforce Commerce Cloud promotion

During the promotion creation process, customers are divided into ‘qualifiers’ according to their location or membership type. Using qualifiers to trigger a promotion can be done through promotional emails, using source codes, or using codes sent to other customer groups. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Coupons: These can be either created in SFCC or imported. SFCC offers multiple coupon types, single coupons designed by merchants, and system-generated coupons.
  • Customer Groups: These groups allow users to filter content by demographics, and they can even be assigned different membership benefits based on their demographics.
  • Source code: supported by Google Ads. The landing page can automatically display a discounted product when a customer clicks on an ad from another website and sees a promotion there. Using a cookie to trigger the discount will enable you to do this.

How do I create promotions with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

A product promotion, a shipping promotion, and an order promotion are all created the exact same way; however, they have different rules that must be followed. Create a promotion by following these simple instructions.

Step 1: To access promotions, select Merchant Tools, then Online Marketing, and navigate to Promotions.

Step 2: By selecting promotions, you can delete those promotions. By clicking More, you can enable and disable products, or you can allow or deny the global exclusion of those products.

Step 2: Click New and customise the general information.

Step 3: Establish general compatibility between the promotion and exclusivity. This rule can be configured with exceptions that are combinable and mutually exclusive. Next, click Apply.

Step 4: Choose a promotion class and enter the information needed in the Promotion Rule section.

Step 5: Under the Promotion class, click Apply.

Final step – running the Salesforce Commerce Cloud campaign

Campaigns are set up as Experiences in SFCC. By adding the qualifiers and promotions already created. The merchant can run a campaign by specifying the start and end dates.

If there is no start and end date specified for the campaign, SFCC will launch it automatically and continue to run endlessly.