Salesforce Commerce Cloud Webinar

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Webinar

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This session provides an overview of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, highlighting its specialization in e-commerce and unique coding concepts. It explains the basics of e-commerce models like B2C, B2B, and D2C, with a focus on B2C. The video also discusses the architecture of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, emphasizing its multi-tenant approach and resource usage limits for merchants. 

Key pointers discussed in the webinar: 

  • Explore the distinctions between Salesforce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, with a focus on the latter’s e-commerce specialization and unique coding concepts like ISML tags and APIs. 
  • Understand the fundamentals of e-commerce, including B2C (business-to-consumer), B2B (business-to-business), and D2C (direct-to-consumer) models, with a spotlight on B2C as the most prevalent type. 
  • Discover why Salesforce Commerce Cloud is well-suited for B2C businesses. 
  • Gain insights into the architecture of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which employs a multi-tenant approach where multiple merchants share resources on the same pod, with limits on resource usage for each merchant 

Catch up with the latest advancements in the B2C e-commerce market.  
Don’t be stuck in the traditional route, Say yes to technology and growth with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.  
Watch the webinar now and see how Commerce Cloud can transform your online store!

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