Grow your Retail Business with Salesforce Consumer Goods

Grow your Retail Business with Salesforce Consumer Goods

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This webinar sheds light on what Salesforce Consumer Goods is, how it can be used to improve sales and operations in the retail industry and discussing on the challenges that Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud addresses, such as improving data accuracy and efficiency. This webinar also showcases Consumer Goods Cloud’s role as a central hub in retail. It explains how the platform connects OEMs, distributors, and retailers, offering real-time inventory insights and automating tasks like order processing, empowering businesses to reduce costs and make data-driven decisions.

About the speaker

Avinash Rao is a Salesforce Senior Pre-Sales Consultant with over 10 years of experience in Salesforce Core, extending to recent industry clouds. He is involved in pre-sales, functional solutions, and costing, aiming for ultimate customer satisfaction. He holds expertise in implementing tech solutions for customers across the Ed-Tech, retail, manufacturing, and automotive domains. He has also solved for over 30 implementations, which include simple sales cloud, service cloud, experience cloud, and field service lightning involving simple configurations to complex integrations.


Key pointers discussed in the webinar:

  • Visualize how Consumer Goods Cloud works as a central hub that brings together all the players in the retail game – Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who produce the goods, distributors who move them, and retailers who sell them to customers.
  • Learn how Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud provides real-time insights into inventory levels throughout the supply chain which reduces stockouts, minimizes overstocking, and improves forecasting.
  • Discover how Consumer Goods Cloud automates tasks like order creation, tracking, and fulfilment which means faster order processing times and leading to happier customers.
  • Explore how Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud shares real-time information on orders, promotions, and product availability, improves collaboration on marketing campaigns and new product launches and accessing consolidated data from all touchpoints, giving businesses a holistic view of their operations and customer behavior and much more.
  • Increase Efficiency & KPIs by automating tasks, streamlining workflows, and improving data capture, Consumer Goods Cloud empowers businesses to reduce costs, helps you make data-driven decisions, and gain better visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs).

Want to thrive in the retail industry ? Don’t let fragmented data and sluggish operations hold your retail business back.

Watch the full webinar now and discover the capabilities Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Catch.


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