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Cloud Odyssey -Salesforce Sales GPT Exploring its Functionality, Advantages, and Future Trends
SalesforceSalesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales GPT – Exploring Its Functionality, Advantages, and Future Trends 

Automates tasks, personalises content, improves forecasting & wins over customers with the next generation of Salesforce sales GPT technology! Read Now

How Can Quality Assurance (QA) Reduce Dependency on Developers?

Discover effective practices for Quality Assurance professionals to minimize their dependency on developers. Explore configuration options, and more.
Cloud Odyssey is now Summit Partners

Cloud Odyssey is now a Salesforce Summit Partner 

Cloud Odyssey is now an official Salesforce Summit (Platinum) Partner, signifying its commitment to excellence and expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem.
Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Salesforce Einstein Copilot – Introducing AI Assistants to CRM Applications

Discover Einstein Copilot, AI assistant transforming CRM applications. Explore its features, industry-specific applications, and AI capabilities.
Salesforce CPQ Implementation
Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ Implementation – A Comprehensive Guide to Success

Transform your sales processes with Salesforce CPQ. Learn best practices, strategies, and successful implementation for businesses of all sizes.
Cloud Odyssey - Salesforce integration tools

How to Choose the Right Salesforce CRM Integration Tool for your Business

Many Salesforce CRM integration tools are available to businesses today, but not all are suitable for every company.
Cloud Odyssey - MuleSoft Salesforce accelerators

MuleSoft Accelerators for Salesforce Clouds

Accelerators are a joint MuleSoft and Salesforce solution that makes it easier and faster to implement critical integrations.
Cloud Odyssey - MuleSoft performance metrics

Major MuleSoft Integration Performance Metrics for Different Teams

Explore some of the most important MuleSoft integration performance metrics for different teams within an organization that will help increase ROI.
Cloud Odyssey - Salesforce OMS for online business
Salesforce Commerce CloudSalesforce Order Management

How Salesforce Order Management Gives an Edge Over Competitors

Salesforce Order Management System is built to give online businesses a competitive edge over their competitors.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud

How Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps Businesses Leverage their eCommerce Ventures

Explore the benefits of a seamless buying experience, intelligent product recommendations, scalability, insightful data analytics, effective strategies, and the mobile-first approach.
The Contribution of Artificial Intelligence to the Commerce Cloud | Cloud Odyssey
Salesforce Commerce Cloud

E-commerce with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Artificial Intelligence

"Explore how Salesforce Commerce Cloud harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance customer experiences, personalise marketing, automate workflows, analyse data, and drive sales.
Cloud Odyssey - Salesforce data migration tips

Things to consider for a successful Salesforce Data Migration

Learn about the basics of data migration and how to migrate data from one Salesforce instance to another.

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