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Cloud Odyssey - The Dynamic Pricing Engine in Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Dynamic Pricing Engine in Salesforce Sales Cloud

Learn how to build an efficient and scalable pricing engine in Salesforce to automate pricing adjustments and optimize your strategies.
Cloud Odyssey - Mentoring in Project Management

The power of Mentoring, Coaching, and Nurturing in Project Management 

Discover how mentoring, coaching, and nurturing can unlock team potential, enhance project delivery, and foster a positive work environment.
Cloud Odyssey -paypal-salesforce-integration

How the PayPal-Salesforce Integration helps Streamline Digital Payments

Learn how to integrate PayPal with Salesforce to automate payment processing and improve efficiency with this step by step guide.
Cloud Odyssey - Service Cloud features
Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud – Features, Benefits

A deep dive into the key features of Salesforce Service Cloud and how they can help your business.
Cloud Odyssey - Pardot - Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
SalesforceSalesforce Marketing Cloud

Pardot Renamed “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement”

Find out why Pardot is now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and get all the details on the Salesforce name changes across its Clouds.
how does salesforce interaction studio help you boost your business revenue and improve | Cloud Odyssey

How does Salesforce Interaction Studio help you Boost your Business Revenue and Improve ROI?

Salesforce Interaction Studio helps you streamline multiple business processes, giving a boost to your revenue. Here is how.
salesforce genie quick overview | Cloud Odyssey

Breaking Down Salesforce Genie Business Benefits

In this blog, Learn what Salesforce Genie is, What Business Benefits Does Salesforce Genie offers, & how CRM Turns your data into real-time customer magic.
Cloud Odyssey - data migration trends

Data Migration Trends for 2022

Data migration is intertwined with challenges as well as opportunities in data management practices. These are the predominant trends for 2022.

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